My Top Gifts For 2019

20th December 2019

It’s nearly Christmas….

…And that means one thing!

The entire country is gradually falling into despair, trying to source original gifts for those people in our life who are hard-to-buy for. (We all have a few….)

Well, I can’t help the whole country…

…But it’s become my annual tradition to share some of my favourite presents with my email subscribers, and so hopefully I can at least give you a little last-minute inspiration.

And if you’re fed up of shopping for others, maybe you’ll even treat yourself to one or two of them in the new year !

Here goes…

1) A weekend away at The Cotford Hotel. This is a sublime treat for someone special in your life – because there is quite simply, in my opinion, no better hotel in England.

I have visited this hotel dozens of times, and call it my sanctuary.

The building was originally the Bishop of Worcester’s summer residence. Set in stunning grounds, it is idyllic and charming. And it’s also home to an award-winning French-style restaurant, L’amuse-Bouche, which is even in the new Michelin Guide for 2019/20.

The Cotford Hotel is the perfect setting for a relaxing few days away, and whoever you gift it to will remember it for years. Find out more here.

2) Train driving experience. Forget about racing cars… There’s nothing more exciting than driving a train!

And you give your friend or loved one that unique, thrilling experience in Wales – on my beloved Talyllyn railway – or on the the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Moors Railway.

I did it a few years ago, and loved every minute. Of course, you’re under supervision of the “real” train driver (real in quotation marks, because for that hour or so you can pretend you’re the one in charge!), but you are right up front, at the controls.

And with some packages, you can even pull along your own guests in the carriages behind you!

I love the idea of giving an experience rather than a physical gift – because after all, life it about making memories – and this experience is utterly memorable.

3) Mapping Motivation by James Sale – This is for a colleague or an ambitious entrepreneur of your acquaintance… (But as an aside, you should definitely get a copy for yourself as well.)

You see, if you want to lead a great team, you need to figure out how to motivate them. In this book my friend, James Sales explores what motivation really is, and how you can develop it in yourself and in your staff.

He has also developed a unique way of measuring what really motivates you, quantifying something that is otherwise pretty wishy-washy.

These are his Motivation Maps – and that’s where the book is really eye-opening. In just a few minutes, you’ll get a sharp insight into what makes you tick.

In fact, I found it such an enlightening exercise that I recently became a licensed Motivation Maps practitioner.

So, give someone the gift of self-knowledge…

…as well as unique tools to energise and engage their team and make them more productive.

Get the book right here.

(The same type of person might also appreciate another brilliant business book – Business By Numbers by one Garry Mumford – ahem!)

4. A Davek umbrella.

My family gave me one of these for my birthday – and I love it!

This is no ordinary umbrella… It’s a feat of engineering. These umbrellas have a particularly sturdy frame so they are built to last. Even if they turn inside out in windy conditions, they won’t break… And they come with a lifetime guarantee.

They are also beautiful, sleek and elegant, and made of quality materials.

Get one right here.

 And now I have to get back to my own shopping (please feel free to email me back with your own ‘top gift ideas’)….

 …So on that note, I wish you and yours happy holidays and a very merry Christmas!

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