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08th January 2020

Hi and Happy New Year!

I am currently in Wales, relaxing after a busy Christmas and gathering up lots of energy…

…Which I’m going to need, because we have a very busy January ahead!

You see, we’re going to be spending much of the next month migrating our clients onto a new business and accounting platform, called Iplicit.

Now, I know that if you’re not an accountant, you probably won’t find the details that exciting…

But please indulge me for a very short moment while I rave about how fantastic Iplicit is, before making a wider point.

This is the accountant’s equivalent of getting a Maserati or booking into a 7-star hotel (yes, there are a handful)….

We’re going to be enjoying the most modern, advanced accounting technology currently available – and more importantly, so will our clients.

This platform allows us to deliver much better financial reports, so our clients will be able to understand their financial position in even greater detail and in real-time, helping them make better decisions.

The tech also makes it easy to turn orders into invoices at the click of a button, log, authorise and settle supplier invoices, manage your cash and control staff expenses and timesheets – all within the system, eliminating paper completely.

Just think about how much easier that would be for your staff… How many mistakes would be eliminated… And how much time they would save!

We can automate certain financial tasks that were previously laborious, and create workflows so that important financial tasks are always handled smoothly and consistently.

Iplicit is hosted on the cloud so it’s accessible no matter where you are, and is very slick and user-friendly, so it’s perfect for CEOs who are just not that into numbers.

And that’s just a fraction of the functionality that I’m so excited about.

But if you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, by now you’re probably wondering why we’re making this switch.

After all, it was only a couple of years ago when I sent a series of emails singing the praises of Exchequer, the previous system we used.

If Exchequer was so great then…. Why am I blogging today about a completely different system?

It’s a good question, and the answer is important for your business.

You see, in business as in life, the only constant is change.

Your needs change, as your business grows and evolves…

The market changes as your competitors advance, and political and economic conditions completely outside your control shift…

Technology – and what’s possible – changes, too.

And you need to be adaptable and move with the times – or else your business will fall behind.

This means that you will occasionally outgrow your financial provision.

We see this happening regularly as clockwork with companies hitting the £1-£2 million mark.

The way they managed their finances when they were turning over £300,000 or £700,000 is no longer right for them – and they must upgrade significantly.

That’s when we get called in…

But it also means that occasionally better accounting technologies will come on the market, and you have to be open to them.

Exchequer, which used to be state-of-the-art, was no longer moving with the times, while Iplicit – which was developed by the same people who originally created Exchequer – was built with the newest technology.

It is also constantly evolving and improving, so it is a system not just for today but for tomorrow.

Nothing is more important in your business than managing your money carefully and efficiently, so having the right tools is essential.

We know that most companies don’t have the time or the accounting knowledge to scope the accounting systems on the market, evaluate them and decide which are truly outstanding (and worth switching over for).

But we do…

…And that’s what we do for our clients, to make sure they have the very best.

We’d love to do the same for you.

If you are turning over more than £1 million, but are still managing your finances the same way as four or five years ago, chances are that you have outgrown your previous financial provision.

If you want your business to grow smoothly in 2020 and well beyond, your finances need to be managed to world-class standards.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can make this happen.

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