You, in 2029...

17th July 2019

It’s 10 years’ time. You are a bit older, a bit wearier… And you really, really want to take some time off work. Not just a week or two – but two or even three months, so you can get away completely, and refresh and energise yourself. After all these years, you have earned a proper break!

The problem? You know that if you go away for more than a couple of weeks, the business will suffer.

And you really can’t afford that.

So, feeling dejected, you book a fortnight away… And as you do so, a voice starts echoing in your head. It’s someone telling you that you have to create systems and processes in your business, so it can operate without you…. And that until you do that, not only will you never be able to go away for any length of time – enjoying the freedom you should have as a business owner…. But your business will simply not be terribly valuable, because if you’re not there, it doesn’t work properly.

Where does that voice come from? Who is it?

Aaaah…. It’s beginning to ring a bell. It’s me, Garry Mumford…..

(Sorry if you thought it might be someone more exciting ;-) ) …And what you’re hearing is the message I repeated again and again, in my emails back in the summer of 2019.

Your business is only really valuable when it doesn’t rely on your input at all.

And the key sign is that you can take off several months, without your business collapsing.

You knew at the time that I was right.

Even back then, you really couldn’t disappear for more than a few days at a time.

You were going to do something about it - to start putting in place systems and processes, so that other staff members could complete every task whether you were there or not.

But then a customer called…. A staff member needed your help…. All the usual, day-to-day needs of the business got in the way.

Now here you are, 10 years later, and nothing has changed.

You wish so fervently you had taken action back in 2019.

I really don’t want all this to come true for you.

So if you’ve been following all my recent articles…. And recognise that your business needs to operate in a more sophisticated way, but haven’t quite got round to doing anything about it…. Let me ask you: Why on earth not!? What you waiting for? Here’s the harsh truth. With each passing day, the chance increases that you will never get round to making these changes….

And that a decade from now, you will still be attached to your smart phone from sun-up to sundown…

…fighting emergencies, up to your neck in emails requesting your input on every tiny decision.

And you won’t even be able to sell up, because no one will pay what you believe the business is worth. Or even worse: No one will want to buy it at all.

All you can do is go on holiday… But just for a week or two.

So don’t wait.

If you see the writing on the wall and the things I’m sharing ring true for you, it’s time to get started systematising your business – and building true value - today.

Step one? Make sure that the most important systems in your business – your financial systems – are in place.

Because at the end of the day, if your financial management is unreliable, and your cash situation is shaky, you can never go away for very long…

…And you certainly won’t be able to sell up for big £££.

Let’s fix that for you, quickly.

Just click here, to get in touch with me today.

Warm regards,


PS - I know what you’re thinking: Sure, booking a call is a simple enough step - but developing whole business systems? I don’t have time for that!

Next week, I’ll share how Insight Associates helps you make time for the essential systems-building that leads to high-value…

… so that you can get on with your life.


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