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This podcast selection is taken from a series of Business Hub radio shows broadcast on Star FM between February 2011 and October 2014 with advice from basic book-keeping through to crowd funding, directors loans, cashflow and a whole lot more!

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Business Trouble - your choices

Factoring and Invoice Discounting

The Business Hub Show - 10 June 2012

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In the face of all the press about the banks not lending and smaller businesses not being able to grow, we have been covering over the last few weeks some of the alternative ways you can fund your business.

Traditionally business owners tend to only look towards their bank for funding (besides perhaps their own resources and friends and family), and often no further. There are though many other potential sources of funding, but it seems they are little understood or known about.

In the fourth of a series of interviews with specialists and experts in each area, Garry Mumford is joined by Liam Walker of Anglia Finance, to discuss Factoring and Invoice Discounting. Anglia Finance are a leading commercial finance broker in East Anglia.

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During this interview Liam gives an overview of what invoice finance is and how it can help manage cashflow within a business.

Liam says "Historically businesses were forced to use this financial tool when their bank was unwilling to extend further overdraft facilities. Businesses signed up without a full understanding of the extra work load and responsibilities on them. During this interview we discuss how it works, what variations are available and the positive impact it can make to cashflow. We will then cover what the common pitfalls are and the historic misconceptions that still exist. Education is needed to professional advisors to ensure that businesses enter an agreement with their eyes wide open and having negotiated the right deal for them.

Whilst the banks have a huge market share there are over 40 independent lenders that tend to be more flexible and offer an excellent level of service.  These funders are willing to help businesses that are growing and those in financial hardship - supporting them through tough times. 

Due to the number of lenders on the market it is sensible to seek advice from not only your bank but that of a number of lenders to ensure you have the right long term financial partner."

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