The Challenge

Real Group Ltd provide psychological training services to the education sector.
Their Finance Manager resigned and they were challenged to find a suitable replacement by the end of the month.

Staff Departure

Real Group had grown fast, hiring a dozen employees and bringing its turnover close to £1 million in a few short years.

So when its accountant left in 2013, it was a trigger to professionalise its financial management, so that it could continue to grow smoothly.

That’s when they called in Insight Associates.

Initially, we worked with their existing systems, to gain an in-depth understanding of their business and financial situation.

Then we instituted new processes to manage their accounts more effectively. We took responsibility for the numbers, discovering they were making a greater profit than their previous accounts had indicated.

We started using our market-leading accountancy software, Exchequer, and gave the directors clear financial reports. And over several years, we helped Real Group use their financial information to decide which products to develop and where to allocate resources.

According to Real Group’s owner Alan MacGregor, he became a lot more strategic about his decision-making, and took several large steps the company would never have taken without Insight’s input.

“This is way beyond the relationship we’d have with an accountant. It’s added enormous value to our business.”

The finance team that your business deserves is one that will get all the finance administration right, plus provide you with up to date financial information and strategic input and interpretation to put you in control of your business and on top of your game.

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