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Anyone running a small, start-up or micro business knows that the day to day money management or accounting and financial controls can be a real struggle.

Frequently those running the business have little or no accounting experience and therefore devalue or ignore this aspect of the business over other operational needs. ‘Doing the books’ is seen as a necessary evil to keep the accountant happy or is often a few simple spreadsheets that don’t really mean very much.

These small businesses have the same aspirations as large ones so why shouldn’t they benefit from up to date, relevant and reliable financial information that can be used as a real management tool?

Born from years of experience in the business accounts arena Insight Lite™ is a bespoke solution developed by Insight Associates® with the small business in mind.

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Iris Exchequer Enterprise Accounts Office Online

Our online hosted accounting software solution. The freedom to access your accounting software from anywhere with Internet access. No up front software costs, maintenance or support charges, just a small set up fee and monthly rental of the service.

If you are not already using this service, please e-mail us.

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