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We don't always charge for our advice! We've put together some useful tips and papers to help you run your business more efficiently - we hope you find the content useful, and would welcome any feedback or suggestions for further publications.

All documents are available in PDF format - you will need Acrobat Reader to view.

Insight White Papers | Other Useful Information

Insight Associates Corporate Brochure (PDF 1Mb)

Our most recent corporate brochure is a complete guide to Insight Associates, our team and our services.

Insight White Papers

Kitty's Purr-fect nine lives guide to surviving the financial turmoil -
(PDF 51k)

Like any good cat Kitty has just nine lives, so to survive it is essential that you look after them well.


Financial Management Hint and Tips 01 -
Be prepared if you want to collect your cash (PDF 588k)

The first in our series of occasional white papers aimed at providing practical help to business owners and managers, looks at credit management. The trick is in getting it right, before you give credit, not when the customer will not pay!

Financial Management Hints and Tips 02 -
Make sure your employees’ expenses don’t leave you out of pocket
(PDF 587k)

The second in our series of Financial Management Hints and Tips, considers the thorny and ever complex area of employee expenses. Adopting a clear and fair policy is key to ensuring that employees understand the rules and don't leave you out of pocket!

Top 10 Credit Management Tips (PDF 607k)

Any business is only as strong as its cashflow … remember the old addict - Sales are Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash Flow is Reality.

With the economy slowing down and tougher times ahead, make sure your business is wise and ensure your credit practices are fit for the times ahead.

What is Turnaround? (PDF 619k)

A useful article describing what a business turnaround is and how they typically work, written by Mark Blayney an experienced turnaround practitioner. This is a useful introduction to this area for advisors and potential clients!


Compliance Check List (PDF 625k)

The need to ensure absolute compliance with the various requirements of the Government Crown Agencies is ever present ....but in times of distress this becomes even more important. We are increasingly finding that HM Revenue and Customs is unlikely to support a rescue for a company with a poor compliance record. Use our quick check list to help you ensure you are up to date!

Other Useful Information

This selection of documents from other organisations are highly recommended and relevant to our own work.

Factoring and Invoice Discounting Guide

This guide, written by our good friend Mark Blayney, of Creative Finance, helps demystify the way in which funding your business using factoring or invoice discounting really works, and the ways in which you can really get the best out of this sometimes complex but extremely effective funding method.

Keeping Afloat – The Corporate Challenge by ACCA (PDF 76k)

Helping small businesses to manage their finances, to install proper credit control procedures, to plan for the future, and guard against threats is where we can offer valuable support. This booklet serves as an introduction to these services and provides some useful tips to directors in connection with the basic objective of keeping their companies afloat. It also addresses the corporate rescue options which are available under the law for use by companies in financial trouble. An excellent introductory guide.

The R3 Ostrich's Guide to Business Survival (PDF 356k)

It is often the case that business owners do not own up to themselves quickly enough that they have a problem. They are in denial. This excellent booklet is divided into three sections. The first section, describes the rescue culture in Britain today. The second section covers the position if a business has a customer whose own financial problems could affect that business. The last section considers the steps that may be taken if financial crisis ever knocks on your, or your client's, door.

Prompt Payment by ACCA (PDF 46k)

This guide to effective credit management has been prepared by ACCA for owners and managers of small and medium sized enterprises. The booklet offers practical and sensible advice on how firms could protect themselves against late or non-payment of their bills.

The Thomas International System Managers Guide (PDF 102k)

This small booklet is a useful overview of how the Thomas Personality Profiling System can be used as a management and leadership tool, and is a great introduction to the system. The Thomas Personal Profile Analysis provides a detailed behavioural assessment, and provides a great insight into the individual.

Case Studies

After 10 years of successful trading a Braintree based HR consultancy firm hit financial difficulties. Due to changes and re-structuring within the Learning and Skills Council, severe delays occurred with cash-flow, causing major problems.

Read how Insight Associates identified the main problem areas within the business and helped the business survive.

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The NEW Insight Blog!

Discussion and thoughts on good financial management and issues for UK small business

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What is the Insolvency Act 1986, and why is it so important?

The Insolvency Act of 1986 consolidated earlier Insolvency legislation and put in place a clear framework for the regulation of the Insolvency profession and gave it many new or revised tools to assist companies in financial trouble...


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