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Jessica wins our cash count competition

23 June 2010

Environmental business consultant Jessica Ward from Bishop’s Stortford will be taking off on a thrilling champagne balloon flight after winning our popular ‘guess how much money is in the jar’ competition at the recent Harlow Business Exhibition.


Garry Mumford of Insight Associates hands the prize to Jessica WardJessica, of Addington Consultants, was among the many delegates who were drawn to our stand at the Harlow Stadium event and responded to the challenge of estimating how much the jar of cash actually contained.

“I suppose that my estimate of £138 was a pure guess,”admitted Jessica. “As it turned out, this was less than a fiver short of the actual sum. I’m very excited about winning a balloon flight. I hope the champagne will settle any pre-flight nerves!

 “The real value of the Insight competition, though, was to remind everyone in an entertaining way that when it comes to financial issues you really can’t rely on guesswork - whether it’s a jar of cash or your corporate cash flow.”

There were a handful of other excellent attempts, with the next nearest entrant overestimating the amount by a mere £6. However, other guesses were wilder, ranging from £30 to £465, proving just how difficult it really was to get near to the actual figure.

“Jessica did well to get so close,” said our Garry Mumford afterwards. “But she is absolutely right about the difficulties of measuring a company’s financial performance and outlook simply by glancing at the figures.

 “Just like the coins you can’t see even in a clear glass jar, every business has items in its accounts that may be hard to spot yet have massive consequences for the business when, to continue the analogy, the jar is emptied for counting.

 “Our job at Insight Associates is to help businesses to know exactly what is in the jar now and to have an accurate picture of what it will contain next week, next month and beyond. We can often help them avert an empty jar situation.”



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