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Insight Team Changes | 24 September 2014

Have you called or visited our office lately? If you have then you've probably already noticed a few new friendly faces around the place.

Fee Free Banking | 15 March 2011

OK so the title is probably a little misleading – we haven’t found a friendly bank that doesn’t charge any fees – what we’re talking about is our new web site feature called the Info Bank.

Is Garry Mumford the Missing Link? | 15 March 2011

In the past, how many of us have received an email saying ‘Join my network on linked in’? We recognise the sender so once we’ve got over our initial ‘is it spam?’ concerns we open the email and click the ‘Accept’ box and are transported to a site that talks about Linked In and asks you to set up a profile.

What's all the Hubbub About? | 15 March 2011

We recently launched a new segment on a local radio program called 'Helping Businesses Better Manage Their Money'. Our feature airs each week as part of The Business Hub which is sponsored by Insight Associates. The 'hubs' concept is to 'Help Anyone in Business Succeed' and it's the first of its kind in the UK.

Jessica wins our cash count competition | 23 June 2010

Environmental business consultant Jessica Ward from Bishop’s Stortford will be taking off on a thrilling champagne balloon flight after winning our popular ‘guess how much money is in the jar’ competition at the recent Harlow Business Exhibition.

VAT Payments - Don't Get Caught Short! | 23 March 2010

With effect from 1st April 2010 any cheques received by HMRC for VAT payments will be treated as ‘made’ when the funds have been received and cleared by the department (not when the cheque was received). HMRC suggest allowing 3 working days for the post followed by 3 working days for the cheque to clear. To be safe it might be better to consider alternative payment methods such as BACS, Direct Debit or CHAPS.

Introduction of late payment penalties on PAYE | 13 February 2010

New rules coming into effect from the 2010/2011 tax year will mean automatic penalties for late PAYE payments ...

Bishops Stortford Means Business | 23 September 2009

We will be exhibiting at the Bishops Stortford Means Business exhibition on 21 October 2009 ...

Having trouble paying the tax man? | 30 July 2009

HM Revenue and Customs have now deferred £3.17bn through their Business Payments Support Service, could this help you get over a cash flow problem?

Keep the cash flowing ... | 17 May 2009

Poor cash flow is capable of killing any business, even if you are making a profit! Read our article in Better Business Magazine to get some useful hints and tips ...

Eggs, bacon and ... finance | 7 April 2009

We were delighted by the attendance at the first in our series of workshops providing valuable advice on how to strengthen and protect your business through the downturn.

The Late Late Breakfast Club! | 30 March 2009

On Wednesday, 22 April, the Bishops Stortford Breakfast Club, sponsored by Insight Associates, will be hosting a Dinner and Evening of Networking at Pearse House, Bishop’s Stortford

Stepping into the limelight | 20 March 2009

A couple of years ago, when we were planning our expansion into larger premises, we had no idea that a major recession was just around the corner.

Electrician benefits from positive Insight | 16 February 2009

Insight Associates advice helps make a positive contribution to Electrical Contractors cashflow

Business Payment Support Service | 18 December 2008

There is now a real alternative to getting into difficulty paying any of your businesses tax bills over the coming months. A new service from HM Revenue and Customs.

Do you understand the figures that count? | 9 December 2008

What we mean by this is…do you focus on the top line (turnover or sales) and/or the bottom line (profit)? Or do you fly in the face of conventional wisdom and concentrate on your balance sheet and your working capital?

Credit Management | 27 August 2008

One of the biggest assets on most smaller companies' Balance Sheets is their Debtors - the balances on their Sales Ledger which are the amounts they are owed by their Customers. Unless the business uses considerable plant or machinery in its activities (Fixed Assets) then often there is little real substance beyond these Trade Debtors.

An expanding Insight | 5 June 2008

We’re delighted to say that, at a time of seemingly endless talk of an economic downturn, Insight is expanding

The credit crunch - don't be a victim | 15 May 2008

Sub-prime property lending the other side of the Atlantic may seem of little relevance to small and medium-sized businesses in the UK ....

A leap year shoud mean more than just another day for SMEs | 29 February 2008

The idea of a leap year means different things to different people - a chance to pop the question to your boyfriend, an extra day's work, your first birthday for four years. We believe that the leap year's extra day provides business managers with a real opportunity to take a step back, do some proper planning and get to grips with running their business.

Help avoid the crunch with strong foundations | 21 January 2008

The outlook for the UK and leading world economies at best looks uncertain, and this is bound to have an impact on your business in some way or another. So what should you do to help weather the potential storm?

Guess the Number of Beans Competition Winner | 7 November 2007

If you visited the Insight Associates stand at the Bishop's Stortford Means Business exhibition on 17th October at The Rhodes Centre in Bishop's Stortford you will know that we were running a 'Guess the Number of Beans in the Jar Competition'.

Beans Means What? | 18 October 2007

You may be wondering what all the noise has been about lately regarding Insight Associates and the beans?

Bishop's Stortford Means Business | 4 October 2007

Insight Associates to exhibit at the forthcoming local business exhibition - Bishop's Stortford Means Business

New financial Management hints and tips published | 23 August 2007

The first in our new series of financial management hints and tips is now available ...

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Finance tips to keep you in the black

Make sure your employees’ expenses don’t leave you out of pocket

The second in our series of Financial Management Hints and Tips, considers the thorny and ever complex area of employee expenses. Adopting a clear and fair policy is key to ensuring that employees understand the rules and don't leave you out of pocket!

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The NEW Insight Blog!

Discussion and thoughts on good financial management and issues for UK small business

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