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VAT Registrations delayed by HMRC Carousel Fraud checks | 26 January 2007

VAT registrations are currently taking as much as 12 weeks to process due to additional checks being performed by HMRC to prevent fraud.

New disclosure requirements for websites and e-mails | 6 January 2007

Changes as a result of the First Company Law Directive, which has been implemented into UK law with effect from 1st January 2007, have significant impact for all businesses with websites and using e-mail communication.

Interesting trends in Insolvency Statistics | 17 November 2006

The insolvency statistics published by The Insolvency Service to the third quarter of 2006 show some interesting trends, which some might argue to be quite worrying.

Late delivery of accounts | 12 May 2006

Don’t however be lulled into a false sense of security about the time permitted for delivery of the annual accounts to Companies House.

Insight Associates gains ‘insight’ from Cambridge MBA students | 18 December 2005

Insight Associates has recently been working with a group of international business students on a marketing project to help the firm grow.

‘Cash is king’ competition winner | 23 November 2005

Insight Associates Partner Sheila Ledain presents winner Anne White with the prize for spotting the coded message in the feature ‘Getting the cash in during recession’ in a recent issue of Business Independant.

Banks’ lost place in insolvencies hides warning to directors | 16 September 2005

Banks have lost their place at the front of the queue for repayment in an insolvency, which could have many implications for how businesses are funded and directors personal liabilities.

Cheques are ‘chequing out’… | 8 September 2005

Cheques could fall out of use by 2025, a bank has said.

More legal threats leads to growth in director-protection insurance | 1 August 2005

More awareness by directors that they personally could face prosecution if something their company does goes wrong is leading to an increase in purchasing of director-protection insurance

UK growth worst for 12 years | 31 July 2005

The Office for National Statistics said GDP grew just 0.4% between April and June. As a result year-on-year growth stood at 1.7% – its weakest since the first three months of 1993.

Late payment laws fail small businesses | 4 July 2005

LATE payment legislation is failing to help small to medium businesses with large companies still making them wait 90 days longer than terms agreed, surveys have shown.

Quarter of adult population ‘touched’ by ID fraud | 28 March 2005

One in four of UK adults have had their identity stolen or know someone who has fallen victim to ID fraud

Why business people need to be ‘financial weathermen’ | 11 February 2005

It is not enough for successful business people to be innovators, great entrepreneurs and marvellous managers. They also have to be ‘financial weathermen’

Banks admit cheques may never clear | 3 February 2005

Almost every business uses cheques to make or receive payments. So the ‘news’ that banks are able to take back payment months after a cheque has cleared may be causing concern.

Insight on ‘chip and pin’ | 7 January 2005

INSIGHT ASSOCIATES is advising businesses to tighten up their procedures for accepting credit and debit card payments following the formal conversion to ‘chip and pin’ this New Year

And who are the bad payers? | 21 December 2004

If you want to be paid on time, then do business with an estate agency in Belfast, new research has revealed.

‘The cheque’s in the post’ excuses get more ridiculous | 17 December 2004

Businesses waiting for a late payment used to be told ‘the cheque is in the post’. Today, research has found, late payers are coming up with more outrageous excuses to avoid paying.

Food for Thought! | 29 November 2004

Some rather interesting statistics to make you think!

Liability Shift on Chip and PIN Credit Cards | 8 September 2004

Many businesses that accept credit card payments are probably unaware of the liability shift that will take place, with effect from the first of January 2005.

Personal Insolvency Hits All Time Record | 6 September 2004

There seems to be mixed views, judging by recent press, about the reasons for the latest quarter's insolvency statistics showing a record level of personal insolvencies.

New website and news facility launched | 11 August 2004

We are pleased to announce the launch of our all new website, with significant updated content and a completely revised format.

Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis | 6 August 2004

Insight Associates are pleased to announce that they have recently been accredited to deliver the Thomas International system of personality and behavioural analysis.

£1 trillion of debt! | 5 August 2004

It’s a mighty big number …. with 12 zero’s ….

Inland Revenue to get tough on old debt? | 3 August 2004

A recent National Audit Office report highlighted the growing levels of uncollected overdue tax.

Is there a lesson here from the “big boys”? | 1 August 2004

The world has certainly seen a fair share of financial scandals over the past year or two ....

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