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Business Planning and Development

Do you know where your business is heading?

Insight for StrategyMost business leaders find it's the actual process of planning that makes the real difference. Getting away from the daily routine to work ON the business rather than just IN it can have a massive impact on where your business is heading.

The solution is JUST ONE DAY, a highly structured 'one day' planning and analysis session from our specialist division INSIGHT 4 STRATEGY which is run by YOU and facilitated by us.

Just one day

helps your business to achieve better results

JUST ONE DAY helps you find the answers

JUST ONE DAY helps you map out your business’s future direction more comprehensively than ever before. Together we create:

  • A clear and achievable plan for driving your business forward and a clear idea of what’s needed to achieve success.
  • A comprehensive report of up to 80 pages with action points and review processes to supply the road-map for your business.
  • Confidence about the future of your business – confidence that will inspire and motivate you.

Just one day

JUST ONE DAY is the most structured, time-efficient and effective corporate planning session that you could ever hope to run for your business. That’s why it works so well… because you run it while we use our experience to facilitate the process.

JUST ONE DAY of your time delivers lasting results – including a workable plan to give your business a better future.

Is JUST ONE DAY a good investment of your time?

Here’s a test to help you decide.

  • Do you spend more time working in the business than you do working on it?
  • Compared with when you first started, have you lost confidence in the future of the business?
  • Do you go home at the end of each day feeling that you’ve worked incredibly hard but achieved little of lasting value?
  • Are you too busy dealing with the present to think about the future?
  • Do you fear that you are losing ground to competitors?
  • Are you uncertain about where you want your business to be or how you’re going to get there?

If you answered YES to most of these questions, JUST ONE DAY is for you.

Profile of a typical session

To optimize the value of the JUST ONE DAY session, ALL your company's directors are included.

Your JUST ONE DAY session is hosted by us at our offices - allowing you the freedom to be physically and mentally 'away from the office'.

Your JUST ONE DAY session (typically 9am - 6pm) will cover the following principal issues:

  • Your objectives – personal, business and strategic
  • Your business’s existing products and services
  • Your business’s potential products and services
  • Your business’s sales and marketing, with emphasis on:
    • Image
    • Research
    • Pricing and targeting
    • Growth and resources
    • Monitoring and action plan
  • Management information systems
  • Management structure and roles
  • Location
  • A financial model
  • An action plan
  • A review process

A comprehensive report generated as a result of the JUST ONE DAY session will be sent on to you within 7 days.

It sounds great how do I arrange a session?

Just call us on 0800 180 4265


If you find it hard to believe that INSIGHT 4 STRATEGY can make a huge difference to the future of your business in JUST ONE DAY, then give us JUST ONE HOUR to convince you.

JUST ONE HOUR is a concentrated, challenging and thought-provoking business Energizing session - allowing you the opportunity to try before you buy!

You've got nothing to lose so call us on 0800 180 4265 or complete the enquiry form to book a JUST ONE HOUR session or find out more!

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Getting away from the office for just one day could make all the difference




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