What's the difference between a bookkeeper an accountant and a finance director?

This short video briefly outlines the difference between a book keeper, an accountant and a finance director.



So what’s the difference between a Book keeper an Accountant and a Finance Director?

This isn’t the beginning of a bad joke, we get asked this all the time.

We see it like a pyramid.

At the bottom there’s a book keeper.

In the middle, the accountant.

And right at the top there’s a finance director.

The book keeper at the bottom is the foundation of your pyramid. Let’s meet Betty the book keeper.

Hi, I’m Betty, I’m the Book Keeper. I’m so busy. I do all the Sales invoices, Purchase Invoices, Payments…it’s never ending… (sigh).

So that’s Betty the book keeper. She might be really really busy but she’s the foundation of your pyramid.

If she doesn’t get all those transactions processed.

And get them processed right then the whole thing falls down.

Next comes the middle of the pyramid.

And that’s where Alan the Accountant comes in.

Hi, I’m Alan the Accountant. I turn up every now and again. And make sense of what Betty’s been doing.

Filling in the gaps, making sure everything’s complete.

And then run some reports off and get the accounts out.

Now we reach the top of the pyramid.

And that’s where I come in…Garry the Finance Director.

Helping you make sense of that whole Pyramid. Helping you to have the right information you need.

Insight Associates can help you build that pyramid through its outsourced finance department.

We can be Betty the Book Keeper, Alan the Accountant, but most importantly, Garry the Finance Director.

We can challenge how your business works. Help you make better decisions. Interpret that information such that your business can improve and be more profitable.