One Accountant vs An Outsourced Accounts Team

Is it better to employ an accountant or outsource to a finance team?

When your business relies on a singular person for all financial responsibilities you're leaving it financially vulnerable.

Have you considered what would happen if that one person was suddenly absent either short term or permanently?

Have you given any thought to what might go wrong?

  • Can you run your payroll?
  • Can you access the bank?
  • Do you know who is owed what?
Video One Accountant Vs An Outsourced Accounts Team

Even if that one person is there, your business is still vulnerable to:

  • Absence
  • Fraud
  • Ability
  • Technology

Consider how much better it would be with a whole finance team supporting your business as it grows.

Working hand in hand with your book-keeper or as a stand-alone service.

  • A team of minds bringing new ideas to the table
  • Well established secure controls and procedures
  • Access to advanced technology and support

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