A Merry Christmas and a very prosperous 2011

24th December 2010

Our offices will close at lunchtime today and that will be it for 2010 ...another year passes ...the 18th for Insight Associates.

Chilly+Insight+Office.jpgWe have had an eventful week with the weather but not as bad as some.

However this was what greeted me when I arrived at the office on Monday morning when it was -12.5c !!It seems our neighbour's water overflow had been running into the gutter and the down pipe froze!!  Icicles everywhere ...it looked very pretty but also very dangerous!

As anyone who has visited our offices will know, access is over a steep narrow railway bridge, which was pretty much impassable in the early part of the week!

Despite all this though the team have done staggeringly well in getting into the office.

If you have not already seen it this years Insight Christmas Card is worth a look, with words by our creative genius Office Manager Shirley Hoy!

May I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a very successful new year!


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