Can you really defy the economic downturn

27th January 2021

Can your business really defy the biggest economic downturn in living memory…

…And thrive financially in 2021?

Yes, you can…

But you’d be foolish to assume that’s going to be easy - even if you’ve sailed through the first 10 months of the pandemic.

There are difficult times ahead.

And having financial experts working with you side-by-side can significantly smooth your way.

Here’s what Chris Price, General Manager of North Yorkshire Moors Railway, has to say:

“If we hadn’t had Insight on board, I doubt we would have got through the pandemic as well.

“When we could no longer operate, Garry immediately came to grips with our situation and delivered financial forecasting, to make sure we were okay in the short-term and develop a long-term plan.

“It stopped us panicking and helped us stay in financial control.

“What makes them stand out is that they fundamentally understand business - it’s not just another accountancy firm, they give you very good and specific business advice.

“I’m also vice chair of the trade association in our sector, and it’s no coincidence that the two railways where Insight manages the finances appear to be amongst the best when it comes to their financial position.”

Wouldn’t it feel reassuring to have similar input on your finances?

Best of all, Chris is not alone. We’ve helped dozens of good companies stay on course during this crisis…

…By keeping extremely tight control of their finances, and helping them plan ahead:

“Insight made sure that furlough was dealt with, so we didn’t have to learn the little details. Our time wasn’t eaten up making sure that we were paying staff correctly.

“We’ve never been in a situation like this before. Insight’s monthly management accounts were key, because they allowed us to see what was really going on in our business financially.

“And just being able to call them and get financial information whenever we need it has been critical!

“Having a team with financial experience at our side to put our minds at rest that we were doing the right thing gave us a lot more confidence.”

- Tamsin Higgins, Director, Lamp & Pencil

“The pandemic has been precarious for all charities. Insight has helped us work out how and when to release income, and how that affects our bottom line and reserves. I also get weekly reports of our bank balance, that help me make that judgement call.

“We’ve also developed a new business plan, and I’ve taken their advice on whether the approach is right in terms of finances.

“I haven’t worked with an accountancy firm like this before. I don’t actually see them as an external accountancy firm - they’re so embedded and knowledgeable about us, that they’re an extension of our organisation.”

- Arti Sharma, Chief Executive, Nurture UK

Many of our clients have actually grown during this difficult period…

…And company owners regularly report that they have felt considerably less stressed and more confident about taking decisions with our help.

There’s no crazy secret to what we do for them.

We “simply” run their day-to-day financials, so that they can focus on other aspects of their business….

Given them extremely reliable, detailed numbers which give them a clear picture of what’s really going on in their business financially…

And help them use those numbers to make the smartest possible financial decisions.

Yes, it’s “simple”. It can also be life-changing and business-changing for the company owners who work with us.

To join them, get in touch today.



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