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02nd January 2019

Happy new year!

It can be hard to get back into work mode after the festive season, can’t it?

So I thought I’d do my bit to ease you in slowly…. Very slowly….. By providing you with some links to some of our most popular blog posts from last year, which you may have missed.

Go check them out, so that you can feel like you’re working hard, learning about how to improve your company’s financial management…. ….Whilst not actually doing anything too strenuous at all.

You’re welcome.

>> LinkedIn Post: The Myth of the Pay Rise. Want to motivate your staff? You should pay them more money, right? Not so fast…... Here’s why.

>> Blog Post: What You Don’t Know About Your Business. As your business grows, you’re probably more detached from day-to-day operations than you used to be.

So how do you keep your finger on the pulse, and make sure you know what’s really happening in your business? Find out here.

>> Blog post: Is your company sellable? If you’re thinking of retiring in 2019, or indeed at any point over the next few years, you might want to sell your business (even if it feels like one of your own children right now….). Read this first.

>> Video: 7 reasons to outsource. If you’ve ever wondered whether to keep your financial management in-house or to outsource it, this video is for you. Discover 7 reasons why outsourcing gives you a real advantage in business.

>> Blog post: No holiday. We’ve all just taken a few days off over Christmas. But as the business owner, how much time off do you take the rest of the year? Does the idea of leaving your business stress you out? Do you limit your time away…. Or maybe not take any time off at all? If so, you need to read this blog… Where I also explain what this has to do with finances….

I hope you enjoyed those!

And if you still don’t fancy going back to work and want to read some more words of financial wisdom, check out our full archive of blog posts right here.

Meanwhile, thank you for being part of our Insight Associate tribe over 2018.

I really value you as a reader – and can’t wait to show you many more ways to use your numbers to grow your business in 2019.

Here’s to your success!

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