Financial Management Checklist

03rd April 2019

Running your company is stressful, when you don’t feel in control of the finances.

You suspect that the numbers your accountant hands you are not accurate…. You lay awake at night, worried that you are about to run out of money (even though you have lots of customers)…. Or perhaps you have no idea how much money might be in your business account tomorrow, next week and next month. Planning ahead feels impossible…

It’s even more stressful, when you have no idea where you’re going wrong.

You have a bookkeeper and accounting function working on your behalf – so why do your finances still feel so shaky? Is there something they’re not doing? A piece of information they should be giving you, which they are not?

You need answers to these questions, if your company is going to scale successfully….

…But it can be hard to tell, without an accounting degree!

That’s why I have created How Good Is Your Financial Management?, a checklist to help you diagnose exactly where your financial management is letting you down.

It covers 8 critical areas which your accounting team must get right, for your finances to run smoothly. And I’d like to give you a free copy.

Click here to get your checklist now

The checklist gives you a crystal clear picture of both the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s financial management, so you know exactly where you need to improve (and what you can leave alone!).

Best of all, it takes just two minutes to complete.

If giving your company smooth financial management is important to you…

Or if you’re just wondering how good your financial management really is…

Then this is going to be an eye-opening exercise. 

Get your free copy here

Warm regards,


PS. Some CEOs also find it really difficult to methodically review the current state of their finances. The report shows every angle to address your finances from so you know where the main gaps are. Here's that link to the checklist again.

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