Liars, cheats and criminals (oh my)

16th October 2019

"You can't trust any of them. They're all liars, cheats, and criminals."

I overheard someone say this a few days ago about politicians, in a Brexit-related argument with his friends.

And I started wondering, what kind of political leader would it take to regain people's trust right now?

No matter where you stand politically, I think we can all agree that in the UK, US, Canada – and across the Western world, really - there appears to be a severe leadership deficit.

I keep on asking people which world leader they feel they can trust (regardless of their politics), and so far I've only ever received one satisfactory answer: Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand.

This comes at a terrible cost.

When people see their leaders as untrustworthy and inauthentic, the inevitable result is a profound scepticism about the entire political process – effectively undermining the very foundations of our democratic system.

Everyone right now is unsettled and pessimistic, because they feel there is no leadership at top – and that means no hope that things will get better. People move further and further to the extremes, desperate for leaders they can believe in. And inertia sets in.

Lots of people don’t see the point of voting…. Or following the news…. Or investing time, money or energy into anything important, when they have stopped trusting in the future, the system, and its leaders.

People respond when their leaders are trustworthy and authentic (even if they don’t agree with them).

It’s true in business too.

For your business to thrive and grow, you need a calm, confident workforce that can trust you to lead them to success.

Of course, many things go into being a good leader… Too much to detail here.

But a big psychological part of it is giving people confidence that you know your company’s finances and are handling them well.

They can’t trust you if they feel that the company’s finances are out of control – money is at the basis of the company, so if the money's uncertain then everything is uncertain.

Imagine working for a company whose leader doesn't seem to know what's happening with the finances from one day to the next, but tells you it's "all under control" while refusing to answer any questions.

Would you feel relaxed? Productive?

Or would you be stressed and worried about your future with a company that's led by someone so ignorant of financial matters (and so careless of your concerns)? Imagine what that would do to morale in your company…. And for the work ethic.

To gain and keep your staff’s trust, they need to feel confident that you have the company’s finances well in hand.

So if money or numbers are just not your thing, bring in the experts... us!

We’ll help you get to grips with your finances and make sure they're managed smoothly and professionally.

And we’ll work with you, to ensure that you understand what’s going on financially, so you can stay in full control, make sound decisions for your company… …And be the kind of leader your staff can instinctively trust.

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