Like a scene from a horror movie

20th February 2019

It’s a classic scene from a horror movie.

The hero walks into their home, and something just feels ‘off’.

Maybe it’s a glass that isn’t in the right place… Or a photo frame that has been moved….

They can sense that something isn’t right, and the audience knows it too (thanks to the jumpy music).

But they just can’t put their finger on it……..

That’s rather how the owner of one company who approached us last year felt.

He had already run one company which had failed, so his “something is off” antennae were particularly well-tuned.

And he was particularly concerned that the staff in his accounting department were not doing their job right.

His gut told him that, at the very least, the jobs needed restructuring, but he didn’t have the accounting skills or experience to know exactly where the problem lay or how to do it.

So – given our vast experience running the finance function for scores of of companies - he asked for our independent view.

We spent a day with his team, implementing our Business and Financial Management Audit.

We looked at every aspect of their financial operations – their systems and processes, the tools they used, the controls they had in place, the division of labour – and immediately identified the key issues.

In our final report to the business owner, we recommended a new structure for the department which would work much better, and advised him on how his existing staff could fit in.

The owner was relieved to have independent confirmation that his gut instinct was correct.

And it gave him both the confidence and the knowledge he needed to completely revamp the department, so that his accounts were processed in both a timely and accurate manner….

So the accounting function was organised efficiently, and provided value-for-money….

And so that he had all the financial information he needed, to make good decisions.

So if you are like that classic horror movie hero, wandering around your accounting department with a distinct feeling that it could be running better….

….But can’t quite put your finger on it, or know how what you need to do, to improve things…

Our Financial Management Audit will give you the answers and solutions you need.

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