One Item Missing

07th October 2021

Your bookshelf says a lot about you.

And as a book lover, I enjoy scanning other people's book collections to get a better sense of their interests.

But whatever's on your shelves, there might be one important book missing...

Click here to find out what it is

I'm (modestly!) talking about my own book, Business By Numbers: Learn to Love the Figures That Will Make Your Company Grow.

It's a practical guide to organising your company’s finances so that your business runs more smoothly, grows fast and becomes more valuable.

It distils everything I tell my clients, and is deliberately written in a very straightforward, light style - so unlike many other business books, it’s extremely readable.

And today I want to give you a FREE copy...

...For two reasons:

  • It’s been exactly 4 years since I published it, and I want to celebrate that anniversary! I never imagined I’d become a published author and I’m still really proud of this work. Here’s what some Amazon reviewers have to say about it:

    “A short, readable book full of ‘financial common sense’ for businesses that are eager to grow”
    - Chris West - acclaimed author of The Beermat Entrepreneur

    “A really useful and relevant book... Garry Mumford has done a fabulous job in explaining finance for the uninterested.”

    - James Sale “Help[s] you get to grips with the finance aspect in an easy and totally understandable way.” - Malcolm Dale

  • Everything I wrote about in the book is more relevant today than ever. With the economy so shaky right now, you have to keep on top of your finances. You need to put yourself in the strongest possible financial position, so you can withstand whatever 2022 brings.

My book explains exactly how to do that, and I want to get it into the hands of as many business owners as possible.

So, to celebrate the book’s 4th anniversary, I’m going to give away 15 free copies to you - my readers.

All you have to do to is email me with your name and postal address.

As long as you’re one of the first 15 to respond, I’ll pop a copy into the mail for you straight away.

I only ask one thing in return... Once you’ve read the book, please leave an honest review on Amazon.

That’s it!

The thing is…

When you’re the CEO, you can’t afford to leave the finances to someone else. Making sure your business’s numbers are healthy is your most important job - particularly in this economy.

So don’t wait.

Hit ‘reply’ to this email and get your complimentary copy of Business by Numbers – right now.

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