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Good financial management is a must for every business, but it’s often ignored and overlooked simply because it’s misunderstood. In our regular blog, veteran FD Garry Mumford and members of the Insight team simplify all things financial and share financial business advice.

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In this blog archive our Managing Director, Garry Mumford simplifies all things financial and shares with us a lifetime of practical financial business advice.

Being Optimistic…!

Yes, that is what it says, being optimistic! It is very easy in these extremely troubled times to write reams on this blog about all the doom and gloom and

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Fiddling whilst Rome burns?

Well apparently it’s nearly official – we are in recession! According to a report from Ernst & Young’s ITEM Club today, which forecasts the UK economy will not bottom out before the

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Will things change?

In the past week I have heard directly two stories of where bank lending has been withdrawn at very short notice just as happened in the early nineties. Fortunately neither

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Banks putting on the squeeze…

Keith Steven, Managing Director at our good friends KSA Company Rescue has highlighted on his Blog an article in the Telegraph Online on Thursday about the banks lending policies. In a survey produced, significantly,

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Quality in the Numbers…

I recently had lunch with a long standing associate and good friend, Bob Westrip. Bob is a former banker and now works with businesses helping them to develop and become

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Cash, cash, cash…

Cash is the very lifeblood of business, something which seems too often forgotten. Time and time again you see talk of turnover or profits, and cash really not getting the

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