Shaggy Sheep Story

04th September 2015

You might have seen the recent news report about Chris the Australian Merino sheep whose years of avoiding the shears gave him a record breaking fleece weighing in at 88lb!

Chris%2Bthe%2B88lb%2BSheep.jpgChris isn't the first Merino sheep to avoid going under the knife either. In New Zealand in 2004 'Shrek', the worlds shaggiest sheep at the time, was discovered after hiding out in a cave for 6 years. His fleece weighed an impressive 55.5lb

But what exactly does that have to do with financial management I hear you say?

Well, it's like this...

Whilst we as a nation love supporting the underdog (or on this occasion the undersheep), in reality avoiding those essential 'cuts' was really bad for their health. In the same way as avoiding essential cutbacks in your business can be really bad for your business health.

Running away from hard truths or hiding away in a cave might avoid the immediate problem but it won't get any better unless you take some positive action.

So stop pulling the wool over your eyes and grab the bull (or sheep) by the horns and take a positive step towards financial fitness in your business with our FREE 'easy exercises for financial fitness e-booklet'

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