The end of a decade ...

21st December 2009

Not strictly on topic, but as it's Christmas!!

When talking to our members at the Bishops Stortford Breakfast Club at our last meeting of the year on 9th December, I commented that it was 10 years since we were all celebrating the millennium. Incredible isn't it? Where did that go?

Back then we were all worried about the Millennium Bug and all the pre-printed stationery that had "19" ready for us to fill in the date!

Then I received this from our friends at Shadowfax Technology, and thought is was worth sharing.

10 things you could not do at the start of the decade:

  1. Download songs from the Internet
  2. Access the Internet from your mobile telephone
  3. Communicate with friends and colleagues via Social Networking sites
  4. Online grocery shopping, online banking, online dating ...the list goes on
  5. View television on demand
  6. Navigate by SatNav
  7. E Books
  8. Listen to digital radio stations
  9. Listen to music on an MP3 player
  10. Advertise on Google (key word advertising started in 2000)

And ... things that maybe won't be around at the end of the next decade?

  1. The Fax?
  2. Friends Reunited?
  3. Cheque Books?
  4. Video Recorders?
  5. Camera's with film?
  6. USB sticks?
  7. Mobile phone chargers?
  8. CD's?
  9. Personal telephone landlines?
  10. Big Brother??

Have a great Christmas and a very prosperous new year!

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