Thinking and New Ideas ...

08th October 2009
The great thinker and author of 82 books, Dr Edward De Bono, recently made these interesting observations on the recession and how we should counter it ...

In an economic downturn everything tends to shut down including our thinking. Any new idea suggests some risk and that is not acceptable. We believe that if we sit tight and batten down the hatches the storm will pass.

Yet new ideas are badly needed to simplify things, cut costs, do things in a different way, create new values etc. It is also true that the new conditions can open up new opportunities if we can see how to use them. For example new ideas for very cheap holidays should do very well.

Thinking is not just for surviving and problem solving. Any area of thinking can benefit from creativity. There may be a focus on smaller ideas rather than grand ideas, but the ideas still need to be generated.

Can you really afford to sit still and say: "There is a recession and I do not need to do anything?"

If you are not saying that - then what are you doing?

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