This can't wait any longer

13th November 2019

The building next to our office is literally a construction site right now.

It's noisy, it's disruptive...

...and it's entirely our own doing.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we're renovating that building so that we can expand our office into it.

It's a big costly project, so of course we planned well ahead.

We floated the idea well over a year ago. Then, once we decided to go ahead, we had to get experts to draw up architectural plans, get various permits, decide on our interior decoration preferences…. ….And like with any big project, it’s all taken longer than expected.

So why have we worked on this for so long…. And put up with all this disruption?

Because the outcome is a great extended building for our own and our clients' use in 2020 and beyond... …And this is a key business objective for us, going forward.

Now, imagine we’d waited until last week to get started with this project….

Our 2020 would look quite different, wouldn’t it, because you can’t just put in place the big strategic building blocks for a business overnight.

It takes planning. And forethought. And a lot of time to put in place.

The same is true for your business.

If you want to be more successful in 2020 – if you want to set yourself up for a decade of success throughout the 2020s – you can’t wait until the last week of December or early January, to figure out how you’re going to do it.

You should have started planning yesterday…. …And barring that, right now.

You see, a good business plan isn’t something you can put together casually, when you have a few quiet moments between Christmas and New Year.

A good business plan is substantial, with a purposeful strategic focus.

You need to identify your company's ultimate goals and priorities, making sure that those align with your personal goals (because otherwise, what's the point of running the company, right?).

And yes, that means your plan needs YOU. This isn't something that anybody can whip up on your behalf during their lunch break. It absolutely requires extensive input and feedback from you - and all your directors.

Then you need to work out all the actions that will allow you to achieve your goals, and the resources the company will need to make those actions possible - including what it's going to take for you to overcome any constraints and challenges you face along the way.

Of course, working out your financial goals and how you’re going to finance your expansion is also part of any good business plan.

All of this takes time to think through, time to discuss and – most importantly – you need to do it well in advance, so you have plenty of time to execute.

Which means that if you start planning for 2020 in the gap between Christmas and New Year -- or worse, when you sit at your desk on January 2nd – nothing will really change in your business until April…. Or May… And 2020 will get off to an unnecessarily slow start, affecting your growth for the whole year.

If you want to see results by the end of Q1, there are actions you’ll have to take NOW to prepare. So get your plan drawn up as soon as you can!

Don't worry. Although this does take time and hard work, it isn't as arduous as it might sound... provided you're doing it right.

And that may require expert guidance from an outside source who can view your unique situations from an impartial perspective, to make sure all angles are considered.

We can help you map out your strategic business plan long before the end of the year, so by the time January rolls around, your plan will be in progress.

In fact, with our expert guidance it takes just one day to set clear goals for your business in 2020 and well beyond, and develop a solid strategy to take you there.

To get a detailed development plan for *your* business laid out in a single day, click here to take a look at our Just One Day program.

Because this is such a focused, intense, in-depth process, we only have room for a small handful of spots on our schedule.

Email me now to apply, and to find out whether you qualify for a half-price session. 

I can say for certain it will be one of the most beneficial, eye-opening, impactful decisions you’ll have made all year.

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