Where do they get these numbers from?

07th January 2010

I have just read that the Forum of Private Business has said that the present spell of exceptionally cold and snowy weather will cost UK businesses £230m per day through employee absences!  Insurer RSA has said it is £690m per day!


There is no doubt the impact is great, especially on smaller more fragile businesses, but it is crazy to make some spurious calculation of what the figure is (as the variance in numbers above shows) - how does anyone really know?

At Insight Associates we have had our fair share of disruption, with our offices now being closed for two days. Fortunately most of our team are able to work successfully from home, but this in many cases can only work for a short while and is far from as productive as we would want it to be. However, expecting employees to travel in these conditions is a very difficult call indeed, and as an employer it is far from easy to know how to get the best balance.

The concern must be the longer term impact all this will have on already struggling UK businesses. Lost sales (which are unlikely ever to be recovered) and increased costs of working will only add to business owners woes. Some preparation can help mitigate this, and sometimes as with everything there are new opportunities which show themselves. Technology if set up and running properly can help increase flexibility.

With it seems this sort of weather making appearances more and more, a well run business needs to make sure it is well prepared!  I know we have learnt a few things for next time.

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