Your opinion matters

07th November 2018

I hope you received your copy of Business by Numbers.

By now you will have either read it entirely (hope so!) or dipped into the sections that are most relevant to your company.

And now… I can’t contain my excitement…

What did you think of it?

Which parts did you find most useful? What nuggets of knowledge will you apply to your business? Have you had any ‘a-ha’ moments?

Whatever you thought….

….I’d love for you to hop onto Amazon and leave you review there.

Be as detailed as you like because: 

  1. It helps me to know what content to write that helps you most
  2. It gives someone who’s considering buying the book an honest review of it

It’s a little way to pay it forward :-)

So please take a few minutes to leave your review – just click here.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts.

Garry Mumford

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