'Business by Numbers'... an easy to follow guide to business finances, broken down into bite sized chunks for non financial business leaders! Written by Garry Mumford


"A handy reference guide to business finances"

The book is split into 3 distinct sections:

          Section 1: Growing your business to its full potential

          Section 2: The 15 basics of business finances.

          Section 3: Valuing your future.

We understand every business owner is busy so read one section at a time, inwardly digest and see how quickly you move from being someone who shies away from budgets, balance sheets and spreadsheets to someone who can turn the numbers in your business to your advantage.

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"​At last....a business owners 'simple to follow' guide to business finances...broken down into bite sized information chunks... for non financial managers."


Why you should buy this book

This book is inspired by a long career working with businesses at risk of stunted growth and financial distress because they didn't quite get the numbers right.

Helping people to understand their numbers and get their business on track is the name of the game!

In business, control of the numbers is perhaps more important than anything else. Ignorance, fear and lack of understanding mean many otherwise extremely capable business people ignore them...which isn't surprising when most business people don't come from a financial background.

It is a well-established fact that most individuals have difficulty managing their personal finances. They don't keep a close eye on them, they're wasteful and easily enticed by consumer credit....and then....they go into business, and wonder why it all goes wrong.

"Business by Numbers has helped several of my team - thank you"

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