Business and Financial Management Audit

When a business has been established for a while and things are ticking along it's very easy to get complacent about the finances. Invoice are paid on time, orders come in, cash is in the bank, but are you really sure everything is as it should be?

Its often these businesses that are caught out by unexpected events they didn't see coming. They're not aware of underlying problems until its too late.

Most businesses as they develop will outgrow their checks and controls and pressures on staff time often mean systems never change. Inefficiencies and duplication of effort creep in and systems creak under the strain.

The Business and Financial Management audit can give you peace of mind regarding the financial systems in your business.

We spend a day with you to analyse your systems and controls and provide you with a comprehensive report either to implement yourselves or with our help.


An experienced member of our friendly team will visit your site to assess your controls, processes and workflows. From this we will produce our report and present this to you. If you would like additional help implementing improvements resulting from that report we are delighted to help with this too.

  • Agree a convenient audit date
  • Spend a day at your facility
  • Assess systems and workflows
  • Prepare detailed audit report
  • Discuss findings from audit report
  • Suggest Improvements
  • Assist with implementation where requested

The audit report prepared for you following our visit will highlight those areas where we believe you are financially exposed. Examples may include:

  • Weakness in the approvals process
  • Inadequate or outdated software
  • Weakness in integrity checks and controls
  • Accounting errors
  • Duplication of workflows
  • Omissions of Data

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What our clients have to say…

We were taken back by the financial information we suddenly received

Alan MacGregor
Real Group

When looking to complete a management buyout it was obvious that Garry had the skills to guide us through the process. His team provided detailed data and Garry provided direction throughout. I would have no hesitation to hire them again.

David Amos
Go Train