Your Legal Obligations

The obligations placed on the officers of a company to maintain various statutory records and fulfill compliance and reporting duties are often not fully understood or given priority and are therefore neglected. These obligations are prescribed by The Companies Act 1985 and imposed upon the officers of a company who are principally the directors and secretary.


Failure to comply with these can result in fines both for the company and the officers concerned. Persistent failure could ultimately lead to an individual being banned from being a company director.

  • Provision of a registered office facility
  • Company secretary
  • Hold and maintain statutory books
  • Confirmation Statement
  • Persons of significant control register
  • Changes to officers and members
  • Complex company structural changes
  • Incorporation of new companies
  • Companies house register checks
  • Annual report of company's register

We take responsibility for keeping you up to date on compliance changes.

  • Confirmation Statement
  • Persons of Significant Control (PSC) Register
  • Maintaining Statutory Books and Records

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