Just One Day - with lamp and pencil

I was pretty sceptical actually. I have to admit I thought it was going to be one of those quite boring business things.

A lot of people know me as lamp.

I think a lot of people maybe don’t necessarily know my name but they now know me as pencil.

We design and build special projects for theatre and events.

Why did you need help?

Although we really enjoy what we do, we love every day, it is incredibly draining doing the job, after job, after job, without a goal, somewhere you’re aiming for.

The things we wanted to achieve with just one day was to take a step back and look at it as a whole and actually have time to focus on what are we aiming to be, what are we aiming to achieve.

What is the day like?

Garry produced a magic wand and basically was ‘if you had this magic wand what would you want to do with it’?

By the time we had our first morning coffee break I had to eat my words.

It makes you think about what magic do we want to create for this company and for ourselves.

And he asks really clever, pertinent questions that really make you stop and think.

Where are you now? What's changed?

It actually focussed us on dealing with some process and system things that we desperately needed to do as a business to keep us on track and to make the day to day jobs easier as well.

For example a member of staff that worked on the general admin, general management, that side of things, and we made that a priority and we made that happen.

We’ve actually been able to engage all our staff a bit better so rather than everyone just thinking about what’s on their desk this morning, they’re actually thinking about ‘when I design this piece of equipment how is it going to fit into future jobs’ for example.

It’s really improved the work of everyone.

Would you recommend Just One Day?

I think I just hadn’t focussed on what I wanted to achieve in the long term, which I think consequently makes you happier in your day to day because you have a focus.

Anyone running a business should do this regularly.