Real Group Testimonial

400% growth in 5 years - Insight Associates have helped with that.

Real Group Testimonial

400% growth in 5 years - Insight Associates have helped with that.

Who are Real Group?

We really wanted to be able to deliver the psychology that we were doing as educational psychologists in schools to, to deliver it to a wider number of teachers, across a wider area across the country, and we developed that through our online training.

Our mission has changed because actually we’ve started delivering it across the world. We’ve had teachers from all over the world that we’ve been able to work with.

How is working with Insight Associates?

They are a company that have now become part of our company in many ways. They are a real partnership. They understand our business inside out.

They help us with all the bookkeeping, with credit control, with management accounts.

They often answer questions that we put to them about how we do things because they know us so well and they’ve been critical in helping us get to where we are now.

Helping us think strategically about where we’ve been, where we’re going and what else we can do with our money.

What surprised you about working with Insight?

I didn’t know how much financial information there could possibly be.

It was how we could invest back into the company.

They presented the information in lots of different ways and they’ve helped us develop management accounts that really help us with the questions that we needed answers to. And they helped us to develop ways in which we could ask different questions and get the information we need at different times.

Money makes the business go around.

Where are you now?

It’s helped us to be able to plan, to budget, to be able to read our accounts really carefully.

We’ve got confidence in where we are financially.

We have monthly management accounts that are helping us to make decisions.

Insight Associates have such a can do attitude to really big events that they’ll support us with as part of our team.

Would you recommend Insight?

I would recommend Insight to anyone. We needed a company that would help us to understand our money, to understand what’s happening and they’ve definitely helped us to do that.

We hoped we’d be able to influence more people around the world, and actually we’re achieving that.