Why do I need a Company Secretary?

...but I don't need a company secretary any more?

People often say to us ‘but I don’t need a company secretary any more’.

We say, that’s true but someone still has to do all the work.

Being company secretary is a specialist area with very clear legal responsibilities.

It’s not as simple any longer as just doing the annual return or maybe keeping a few registers.

In fact, there is no longer an annual return, now it’s a confirmation statement.

Then there is the minefield of Persons with Significant Control or PSC.

That has to be kept up to date all the time.

The fines for non-compliance are getting even greater.

Companies House are getting stronger and coming down on defaulters even more quickly.

So you want to get it right. In fact you need to get it right.

And we can take away all the hassle for a simple, all inclusive, annual fee.

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