Why Insight Associates?

Client Testimonials recorded at Insight Associates 25th Anniversary Event.

"We thought we could do it ourselves and we got in a bit of trouble - that's when we bought Garry in and he educated us and we've moved on since and grown the business probably 10 fold since then."

"They get very involved in the nuts and bolts of the business."

"They don't patronise you and they're really really helpful and they make you feel at ease".

"They've helped me with a turnaround. They've helped me with a business that didn't need turning around. They're a great team of people".

"We made some of our biggest decisions working with Garry and they've been good decisions".

"We always know that everything's going to be 100% spot on".

"I know I can hand over a whole load of worry to Garry and his team and they'll handle it".

"For a business of my size having people of Garrys calibre would be beyond my budget, therefore you get really good value valuable information".

"We recently went through an acquisition and Garry's team was able to expand and able to do the work for us and we could think about actually working with the rest of the company to absorb things."

"They helped us through a re-structuring early on to save the business when we were really having a tough time and then they've helped us grow the business in the UK and globally".

"From a point of view of our business, our business now is more settled financially".

"It's definitely about the personal relationships with Garry and Simon".

"Accountancy can be fun. You can have a good laugh around the table and we can think things through creatively."

"The integrity is there and they're really really helpful. They're fun to be around aswell".

"Just having someone reliable to talk to is a great benefit to me".

"If you want honest, truthful and accurate financial support, then Insight Associates are the people you need.