Could you leave your business for 2 months

10th July 2019

If you needed to unexpectedly leave the country tomorrow for an indeterminate amount of time, what would happen to your business?

Would progress continue, full-steam ahead…

…or would your business quickly show the cracks, with your management and staff running around frantically trying to fill in the gaps you left?

How you answer that question will determine the true value of your company.

If you can’t manage personal emergencies or take a well-deserved holiday without repercussions, then your business is broken.

If you’re unable to take any amount of leave without your business falling apart, your company is not valuable to buyers in the marketplace.

It’s an all-too-common story.

You’re sitting by the pool or embarking on sight-seeing adventures with your family, still fielding a constant barrage of phone calls and emails from the office.

Your managers and staff require approval for every tiny decision that needs to be made.

Nothing too significant is accomplished while you are away, because your company totally revolves around YOU.

And being gone longer than a week or two? Just the thought of it gives you heart palpitations. Your business would fall apart!

On the other hand, when your systems are solid and optimised, you can leave in peace, knowing things are still swimming along without you.

You can find true relaxation and rejuvenation, cutting off completely from the noise and stress of the office.

You’re comfortable letting your business run solo, because it can.

Deals can still move forward, payroll can operate without a hitch, your staff has all of the tools and information necessary to make sound decisions.  

Having dedicated the necessary time and energy to creating effective systems, the train can keep moving, no matter who’s in charge.

In my last email, I asked you: How long can you be away without your business suffering?

If your answer is anything less than 2 months, your business is not yet valuable enough to sell.

Your business should be able to run smoothly and effectively for 2 months - or more! -  without you being there to run it.

That is, if your goal is to run a business of value… the kind for which someone else would pay a large sum.

And the only way to achieve such a self-reliant organisation is to build in strong systems which function well on their own.

Let me say that again: Your systems - not you - should be running your business.

If your business depends on you to maintain progress, it’s time to make some strategic changes to its essential infrastructure.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch today.

At Insight Associates, we specialise in setting up one particular type of system for your business: The financial systems. These are the most important, and first systems you should put in place, because everything in your business depends on money….!

With your passion and our experience, we’ll see to it that your business is not only highly profitable, but highly valuable as well. 

PS - If you’ve ever dreamt of taking a long holiday (one where you can actually unplug and relax)...

…Or entertained the slightest thought of selling your business one day for a tidy profit…

…Smooth financial systems are a MUST to get you there.

So, don’t wait! Email me now, and let’s get started building value for your business.

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