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Insight Associates has been working with businesses to improve their financial management for over 30 years.  

With all our clients, our broad approach is the same: to listen, understand and improve their business’s finance function to support its growth and development.  

But we also know that no two clients are exactly the same; each requires a different approach to maximise their potential. Take a look at the below case studies for an idea of how we have helped a variety of very different businesses improve their financial management and reach their objectives. 

Real Group

The sudden resignation of a key staff member left the business financially unsupported. In a few weeks, we understood the existing financial setup and were soon able to improve their systems and reporting. 


We helped a business on the brink of liquidation to turn its financial fortunes around. Our measures not only got the business back on firm financial footing, but enabled it to steadily grow over the next decade until it was eventually sold for a very respectable sum in 2020.  


TEDI-London was an unusual client for us in several ways. First, it is not a commercial business, but an educational institute. It was also brand new when our working relationship began, so we didn’t have any bad habits to undo – we were able to set them up correctly right from the start!  


With plans for rapid growth, this market disruptor in the med tech industry knew it needed to professionalise its financial management to enable it to scale smoothly. That’s where we came in.  

Medic Alert

Financial management was taking up far too much of this charity’s time until Insight Associates stepped in. By taking over their day-to-day financial management processes, we gave them back the time and headspace they needed to focus on what mattered most.  

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