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Pretty much every corporate business in existence will have a Finance Director, on whom the business’s leaders will rely for expert advice and direction on the company’s financial strategy.

If you’re not a large corporate, you might wonder whether a Finance Director is really appropriate for your business. After all, you probably already have an in-house bookkeeper or accountant who takes care of processing invoices, manages your payroll and provides you with monthly accounts, so you know what’s going in and out. Surely that’s good enough?

But here’s the thing.

Without a Finance Director, you might not have the understanding and insight you need to make informed, strategic decisions based on the figures your accountant gives you. Our clients are savvy businesspeople who know their business inside out – but they also are self-aware enough to understand that they can’t know it all. They’re experts in what they do, but they don’t necessarily come from a financial background. They know they don’t have the skills to truly understand what their company’s financial position means, and what’s needed to drive their business forward.

Do I really need a Finance Director?

It’s a fair question. If you have a really strong business, you might still be able to grow without the input of a Finance Director. You might not feel that you need a Finance Director right at this moment.

But you absolutely deserve one.

Without one, you’ll likely struggle to reach your full potential. You might be growing – but more slowly than you should. You’ll make mistakes along the way; your business will have to struggle through financial crises that you didn’t see coming. 

And, when you come to sell, your business may not be worth as much as you hoped – despite the hard work and love you’ve poured into it along the way.

Quite apart from the financial impact on your business, running a company without clear financial data and reliable financial guidance can take an enormous toll on a business owner. It’s like taking an exam when you’ve only revised half the syllabus, or trying to play football with your legs tied together. While it can ostensibly be done, you’re making things much harder than they need to be!

Insight Associates is here to make things easier.

We’ll ensure you’re nothing less than fully prepared for every financial challenge your business faces. Armed with the insights and financial intelligence we provide, you’ll feel more confident about making those big decisions required to move your business in the right direction.

The benefits of an outsourced Finance Director

It’s all very well having a great bookkeeper or accountant, but they can’t provide you with the strategic guidance you need to accelerate your growth and drive success. It doesn’t mean they’re doing a bad job. It’s quite simply beyond their remit.

So, whilst your accountant or bookkeeper is there to assist you with important administrative tasks that keep your finance function ticking over, you will at some stage in your business journey reach a point where you need more proactive, strategic support.

Outsourcing this part of your finance function to specialists like Insight Associates has some distinct competitive advantages. For a start, you don’t just get the skills and experience of a single FD (at an average salary of well over £100k per year, not to mention pension and National Insurance contributions) but of an entire team of financial experts with a wide variety of skills and specialisms. So there’s really no need to wait until you’re a big corporate to enjoy all the benefits a Finance Director can bring.

And we’re not just technically competent – we’re pretty friendly too.

We care about getting to know you and your business inside out, taking time to understand your requirements and what’s important to you. That way, we can ensure that our advice is completely tailored to your specific circumstances.

But that’s not all.

You’ll also enjoy:

  • Confidence in and understanding of your financial data
  • Management accounts that aid decision-making
  • Robust accounting processes you can trust
  • Turnkey processes and systems
  • Clear financial plans and budgets
  • Focus on long-term planning and development
  • Strategic business input
  • Cost control
  • Access to funders
  • Support in making key decisions
  • A financial sounding board to talk through challenging issues
  • Stakeholder relationship management.

Essentially, our team is on hand to provide some much-needed support and shoulder some of the responsibility for your business’s financial health, so you can relax a bit and focus on what you do best. They can lend their expertise to a wide range of tasks, including presenting financial data to your Board of Directors, preparing a budget that achieves your goals, and forecasting your financial performance to help you make informed decisions about the future.


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What is a finance director?

In this video, the Insight Team delves into the role of a Finance Director – and how our team of experts can bring all the benefits of an FD to your business and revolutionise your finance department.


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Do you want to make informed financial decisions that drive growth and development, backed by clear and accurate financial data? Are you looking for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the backing of a team of financial experts with your business’s best interests at heart?

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