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Do your business finances give you sleepless nights? Having serious doubts about money? Or do you just want financial peace of mind about your business accounts?

10 short questions to see you on your way

Take out a few minutes to really think about and respond to the following questions. All of them are vital to running and building a vibrant and strong business - built on firm financial foundations. So answer them honestly - otherwise it's only you you're kidding!
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Are you comfortable with the management information you regularly receive about the financial position of your business?

Is this information comprehensive and useful to you? Can you and do you make quality decisions from it?

Do you believe that the information you receive is accurate and properly reflects the reality of your business? How is the information produced, are you confident in those doing it?

Are you happy with any explanations you receive about the information, and do you feel that your questions are properly responded to? Do you have professional and experienced input helping you understand the figures enabling you to relax knowing how strong your current position is?

Are you relaxed about the creditworthiness of your customers and that the money they owe you is good and secure?

Do you feel you understand the position with the monies you are owed by your customers and that everything is being done to make sure it is paid promptly?

Are you at ease with your future cash forecast position, and that it never gives you any surprises? Do you really understand how your cashflow is going to be over the coming weeks and months and that this will present no difficulties?

Are you happy that you are fully up to date and compliant with all of your obligations to HM Revenue and Customs in respect of PAYE, VAT and Corporation Tax? Are you content that all returns are complete and accurate

Do you believe that your relationship with your bankers and any other external funders or stakeholders adds value or strength to your business? Are you happy that the relationship is well managed and constructive?

Do you feel comfortable with your present business plan? Is it an accurate and realistic reflection of how you see your business developing? Do the supporting financial forecasts make sense?

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