Corporate Turnaround

Is your business showing signs of financial distress?

Perhaps you have just been hit with an unexpected, crippling tax bill. Maybe you are experiencing regular cash flow problems. Or you have been blind-sided by a change in your market...the Coronavirus has challenged even the most experienced Finance Director.

It’s a frightening time – but this does not have to be the death knell for your business, if your fundamental business plan is sound.

Let’s put together a turnaround plan. With careful financial management, we can put you back on firm financial footing, giving you back your future – and letting you sleep at night once again.


How do you know that your business is in serious financial trouble?

Here are some of the signs to watch out for. If you’re experiencing just one of them, there may not be cause for concern. But if you are experiencing a few, you and your team are probably under significant pressure, and need urgent help.

  • Cash flow is unstable and constraining your business and you never seem to have accurate management accounts
  • You need credit but can’t get it
  • Profits are down, down, down
  • Stress levels are up, up, up
  • Your creditors are circling
  • Your working capital is inadequate
  • You are borrowing more and more but it’s never enough

If your business is failing financially, early intervention is critical if your business is to survive. Yes, that much is at stake.

This takes specialist skills and lots of experience, which you probably don’t have. After all, you never set out to run a business in financial distress, right? Even your regular accountant might never have experienced this situation.

But we have turned around many such businesses, and can help you, too. Here’s how:

  • Stabilise your cashflow
  • Get you back to profitability
  • Help you make better financial decisions
  • Full turnaround, rescue and recovery
  • Fix underlying problems, so they never recur
  • Support you and reduce your stress
  • Reduce the stress on your team, too
  • Give you valuable outside perspective and experience
  • Ensure you are compliant with your responsibilities as director

It is important to diagnose correctly why your business is in financial trouble, so we can fix your issues fast.

There may be several factors involved and no two stories are ever the same. Here are some common reasons why businesses fail, which may apply to you too:

  • Unforeseen events such as bad debt or Coronavirus
  • Poor financial management
  • Market changes, such as new competitors
  • Weak financial procedures and controls
  • Insufficient financial skills in-house
  • Poor financial information delaying decisions, or causing the wrong decisions

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What our clients have to say…

Insight freed us up from the paralysing stress of not being totally in control of our business.... We were much more relaxed when we could focus on our core competencies, selling our services and serving our clients

Director, Murray Duncan

It was fast, it was accurate and I understood it.

Murray Duncan

We went from the company nearly being taken away to a sale. And in the meanwhile, we had 10 years’ good living out of it - both for us and for 75 team members

Murray Duncan
Director, Paralaw

For the next 10 years, we consistently grew the business at 15-18% a year

Director, Murray Duncan

They immediately put me at ease. The change in the way we do things has had an immense effect on our business.

Dawn Hogger

“Had we waited another couple of months we would have gone bust. And not just seeking professional help - but help from the best.”

Murray Duncan
Director, Paralaw

KSA Group strongly recommend obtaining support from Insight Associates to ensure the timely and accurate production of good quality financial reporting accounts.

Keith Steven
Director, KSA Group

You challenge us on how to manage our financial affairs. What I get as a business owner is an overall sense of a steady hand on the rudder

Anonymous client

the key decision which made everything possible was asking for help quickly, while there was still time to reverse things.

Murray Duncan
Director, Paralaw

They immediately put me at ease and we worked through everything we needed to do very quickly

Anonymous Client

The way Insight dealt with the purchaser established a level of trust and got the deal done much faster

Murray Duncan
Director, Paralaw

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