How to avoid financial meltdown at Christmas - e-book

13th December 2018

Christmas can be a challenging time for many companies financially….
…And not just because you have to pay for lots of extras like Christmas parties for your staff, or  gifts for suppliers and clients.

This time of the year, some of your clients might take longer to pay your bills, playing havoc with your cash flow.
You need to knock that on the head.
With the plethora of bank holidays and office closures, you might have to move payday around… Which is not as straightforward as it sounds for those handling your payroll.

And those Christmas parties, gifts and bonuses?
There are potentially all kinds of tax and National Insurance implications which you need to know about.
So how do you navigate this minefield?

If you’re an Insight Associates client, these are precisely the kinds of issues you never have to worry about. We manage them on your behalf, when we’re on your team.

But if you are still managing your company finances internally, some advice on the key financial pitfalls to look out for will come in useful.
Recently, I came across a guide on the areas of your business that could be affected by the festive period, written by UK Training.
I was so impressed, I asked them whether I could share it with you….
….And happily, they said yes!
It is extremely valuable – covering not just financial issues but legal issues as well.

So get your free copy here.

>> 3 ways to ensure that your clients pay you before Christmas. If the money is due, you don’t want them delaying until January!

>> Exactly how much you can spend on your Christmas party without triggering taxes. (There is a harsh penalty if you exceed this.)
>> The best way to pay temporary staff around Christmas…. So that you don’t, inadvertently, trigger auto enrolment
…and much, much more.

>>> Sounds great! Send me my copy <<<

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