The Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Sales

08th February 2018

A few weeks ago, way back at the beginning of the year (doesn’t that seem like a long time ago now?) I asked for your feedback about the biggest problems that you face, managing your company’s finances.

And the answers flowed in.

I heard from people who worried about credit control and bad debts…

People concerned about having enough money in case of an emergency, or an unexpected disruption to business…

People not sure about how to capture their business’s numbers…

And much more.

Thank you for everyone who generously responded – I will cover as many of these points as I can in my blogs over the next year. I really want to make the content useful and relevant, so please do keep any thoughts and suggestions coming.

But there was, in fact, one issue which came up again and again in your responses which I haven’t yet mentioned…

…And that is, increasing sales.

A large proportion of the emails I received said the same thing in different ways: They need more money coming in.

So I reached out to the best sales and marketing expert I know, our friend Grant Leboff – founder of the Sticky Marketing Club (do sign up for his videos, I highly recommend them) and author of Digital Selling.

He has put together a blog post for you on the Top 10 Ways to Increase Sales, which is full of excellent ideas.

Read it here

And by the way, you should pay particular attention to his last paragraph, which not enough people think about, but which is invaluable advice.

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