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17th March 2021

I’m writing you this content from my office…

No, not my home office - but my “real” office at Insight Associates HQ.

After so long away, it feels strange to be in this empty building.

Occasionally Simon, our Client Services Director, is here too, and other team members - socially distanced of course.

It made me laugh the other day, when I was on a video meeting in another room, and he asked me to keep things down.

Our office used to be bustling with people and chatter. Now that we’re all used to working from home, dealing with other people’s noise is a challenge.

It will be a while yet until the office is occupied regularly or the rest of the team returns However, there are some things that require a visit to the office still.

But like most companies, we’re thinking carefully about how to get everyone back to the office after June 21, when that * might * become possible.

I’m sure you, too, are considering safety… How to ease everyone back into office life… And just how frequently to have people in.

Is full-time best?

Or is there some kind of work-from-home / work-from-the-office model which your staff might prefer - and which would work for your company too?

Many companies seem likely to consider going for the hybrid.

Once companies might have been suspicious of people who chose to work from home, wondering if it was an excuse to slack.

But this year, such preconceptions have exploded. Many companies with remote teams have seen productivity increase. You may also have managed to pivot your operations, retain a collegial atmosphere and even grow.

This new openness to remote working gives you a unique opportunity to reconsider your working arrangements, once the pandemic winds down.

And clever companies will rethink not just where their work is done from…

…But who does it.

You see, in the past, you might have been wary of outsourcing functions like HR, IT, marketing or finance to other companies.

You might have worried that because these teams were not on-site, they were less accountable and less likely to understand your company culture and concerns.

It was never true.

Clients have told us for years that they regard our Outsourced Finance Department - for example - as an integral part of their team.

It helps that we’re in touch with most clients almost every single day and are involved in most of their key decisions!

And during normal times, we always have plenty of face-to-face meetings with our clients anyway. Our model was always a hybrid!

But following the pandemic, it’s widely accepted that the physical location of your teams matters less than we once thought.

And if many in your team are going to be working remotely anyway, then why not hire the best…

…And make sure you’re getting the best value-for-money?

That’s what a good outsourced solution gives you.

Take our Outsourced Finance Department. When your company starts working with us, you don’t just get access to one or two staff members.

You get an entire team at your disposal, with the full range of skills you need to get your bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting and planning done to the highest standard.

We come with turnkey systems and processes which can be put to work for your company on Day 1…

…As well as cutting-edge accounting software which would cost you a considerable amount to upgrade to on your own.

You’ll get capabilities and financial expertise that will take you years to build on your own.

So what does it matter if we’re not in-house?

This is your chance to think out of the box about your company structure, and do things differently - and better.

To find out more about our Outsourced Finance Department, click here.

Then call us on 01279 647 447 or hit ‘reply’ to this email, to talk to us about how it can work for you.

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