Business Planning and Development

Do you know where your business is heading?

When most people start their business they have no clear plan to develop it, or vision of what they want it to look like in the future. Their destination is unknown.

As a result they spend their time working ‘in’ their business rather than ‘on’ it. Like you, they become immersed in day-to-day, urgent matters and can’t find the time to develop a detailed strategic plan – which is arguably more important.

So let’s get you out of the office for a day. Come to our offices, and we’ll facilitate the most structured, time-efficient and effective corporate planning session you’ve ever experienced.

It’s called ‘Just One Day’.  By the time you leave you will have clear goals for your business that align with your personal goals. You will have the headline actions you need to take to get there.

Company owners who have been through Just One Day tell us that it has quite literally changed their lives, allowing them for the first time to define exactly what kind of business they want to build, and then giving them the focus and confidence they need to forge ahead.

If most of these statements describe you, Just One Day will help you, too:

  • I am ambitious to grow my company, but feel ‘stuck’
  • I work hard but don’t make enough progress
  • It’s hard to find the time to plan
  • We’re losing ground to competitors
  • I want a clearer picture of where we’re heading
  • I want clear steps to grow my business
  • I am serious about driving my business forwards
  • My business is at least 2-years-old, and turns over £1m+

On your strategy day, we invite you and all your directors/shareholders to our offices. This gives you the freedom to be physically and mentally ‘away from the office’ and devote your attention completely to the future of your business. Switch off your phones, laptops and e-mails!

Then we dive deeply into why you are running your business, what you want to achieve personally and for your company, and how you will get there.

After your day is over we compile all the key output into a comprehensive strategic plan, which you can use to achieve the clear, precise goals we’ve developed together.

Here are the kinds of questions we’ll examine:

  • Why did you start your business?
  • Why does it exist and what does it really do?
  • What are your personal life goals?
  • What are your business objectives?
  • How do your personal and business goals align?
  • What do you need in your business to succeed?
  • What are the constraints, and how might they be overcome?
  • Agreeing Business Goals that align to all the business leader’s objectives
  • Understanding the team and resources in your business to succeed
  • Agree a clear high-level action plan to achieve the goals
  • Understanding your leadership team

Ready to go ahead with Just One Day? Want to find out more? Here are your next steps….

  • Call us on 01279 647447
  • Email us on
  • Ask us any questions you have
  • We'll suggest suitable meeting dates
  • Tell us which directors and shareholders will join us
  • We send you some homework to prepare
  • We welcome you on the day

For more information on Insight Associates and the services we offer please call us on 01279 647447 or Email Us

What our clients have to say…

Anyone running a business should do this regularly.

Robin Barton
Founder, Lamp and Pencil

The most excellent thought provoking day looking in detail at ideas for the future growth of our business and what we need to do to get there. 

Tamsin Higgins
Director, Lamp and Pencil

When looking to complete a management buyout it was obvious that Garry had the skills to guide us through the process. His team provided detailed data and Garry provided direction throughout. I would have no hesitation to hire them again.

David Amos
Go Train

He asks really clever pertinent questions that really make you stop and think.

Robin Barton
Founder, Lamp and Pencil

Garry’s valuable, experienced guidance is second to none, helping us to create a clear plan of action and giving us the financial and business confidence to move to the next level.

Tamsin Higgins
Director, Lamp and Pencil

It makes you think about what magic we want to create for this company and for ourselves.

Tamsin Higgins
Founder, Lamp and Pencil

Insight not only helped me understand the history - why we were doing certain things and used certain financial vehicles - but suggested a lot of improvements.

Kirsten Giles
CEO, Medic Alert

The information included in the management accounts is invaluable.

Kirsten Giles
CEO, Medic Alert

It focussed us on dealing with some process and systems things that we desperately needed to do as a business to keep us on track and make the day to day jobs easier.

Robin Barton
Founder, Lamp and Pencil

They are a great sounding board.

Kirsten Giles
CEO, Medic Alert

We didn't want to scale every other area of the business but not our finances - it would strangle the business

Michael van de Weg
CEO, IMMJ Systems

I thought it was going to be one of those quite boring business things but by the time we had our first morning coffee break I had to eat my words.

Robin Barton
Founder, Lamp and Pencil

It makes you happier in your day to day because you have a focus.

Tamsin Higgins
Founder, Lamp and Pencil

We've been able to engage all of our staff better.

Robin Barton
Founder, Lamp and Pencil