Business Planning and Development

Do you know where your business is heading?

Just One Day is the most structured, time-efficient and effective corporate planning session that you could ever hope to run for your business. That’s why it works so well… because you run it while we use our experience to facilitate the process.

Just One Day of your time delivers lasting results – including a workable plan to give your business a better future.

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions then a business planning and development day can definitely help you.

  • Do you spend more time working in the business than you do working on it?
  • Are you too busy dealing with the present to think about the future?
  • Compared with when you first started, have you lost confidence in the future of the business?
  • Are you uncertain about where you want your business to be or how you’re going to get there?
  • Do you fear that you are losing ground to competitors?
  • Do you go home at the end of each day feeling that you’ve worked incredibly hard but achieved little of lasting value?

To optimize the value of the Just One Day session, all your company's directors are included.

Your Just One Day session is hosted by us at our offices - allowing you the freedom to be physically and mentally 'away from the office'.

  • Business, personal and strategic objectives
  • Existing products and services
  • Potential products and services
  • Existing sales and marketing
  • Pricing
  • Targeting growth
  • Resources
  • Management information
  • Systems management
  • Structure and roles
  • Location
  • Financial model
  • Action plan
  • Review process
  • Comprehensive report

If you think Just One Day is right for your business then telephone or email us. 

  • Call us on 0800 180 4265
  • email us on
  • We suggest suitable meeting dates
  • You choose your most convenient date
  • Tell us who is coming from your team
  • We send you some homework to prepare
  • We welcome you on the day

For more information on Insight Associates and the services we offer please call us on 0800 180 4265 or Email Us

What our clients have to say…

When looking to complete a management buyout it was obvious that Garry had the skills to guide us through the process. His team provided detailed data and Garry provided direction throughout. I would have no hesitation to hire them again.

David Amos
Go Train