Corporate Turnaround

Insolvency Isn’t the Only Option

Failing businesses can be saved with correct advice and action.

A viable business may close due to unforeseen events. With the right help it can have a strong future.

With the early introduction of careful financial management, problems can be ‘ring fenced’ to give a solid foundation to the future of the business,


There are many signs of a distressed business and below are a few to look out for.  Singularly these may not be a cause for concern but when several are experienced together the stresses on the business and the staff will soon show.

Over 100,000 businesses fail each year in the UK alone and a disproportionate number of these are through inadequate financial management.

If you're worried about any of these we can help.

  • Cash flow problems
  • Bad relationship with creditors
  • Difficulty obtaining credit
  • Increased borrowing
  • Declining profits
  • Inadequate working capital
  • High stress levels for employees and directors

The most basic and obvious benefit from early financial management intervention in a failing business is that it will survive rather than fail!

Directors don't set out to run distressed or insolvent companies so often have no experience or knowledge on how to deal with the situations that arise.

Early financial management intervention from Insight Associates will benefit your business in many ways including:

  • Stability of cash flow
  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced stress on business owner/employees
  • Compliance of Director responsibilities
  • Outside perspective and experience
  • Full Turnaround, rescue and recovery
  • Fix underlying problems to avoid re-occurrence
  • Timely management information for good decisions

There are many reasons that a business may fail. No two circumstances are exactly the same. Here are some common factors.

  • Poor financial management
  • Weak procedures & controls
  • Unforeseen events such as bad debt
  • Insufficient in-house skills
  • Inability to respond to changing markets i.e. poor sales/new competition
  • Delayed decisions caused by inadequate financial information

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What our clients have to say…

It was fast, it was accurate and I understood it.

Murray Duncan

They immediately put me at ease. The change in the way we do things has had an immense effect on our business.

Dawn Hogger

KSA Group strongly recommend obtaining support from Insight Associates to ensure the timely and accurate production of good quality financial reporting accounts.

Keith Steven
Director, KSA Group

You challenge us on how to manage our financial affairs. What I get as a business owner is an overall sense of a steady hand on the rudder

They immediately put me at ease and we worked through everything we needed to do very quickly