What is the role of a Finance Director?

The Finance Director in any large organisation works very closely alongside the Managing Director, as candid friend and confidant, helping guide the decision making processes based on the financial implications they have on the business.

The Finance Director is a pivotal role in every business, no matter what its’ size, so care should be taken to ensure the FD is not only technically competent but also fully understands the realities of the business world.

The reality for small and medium sized businesses is that quite often it is the business owner/manager that takes on the responsibility for this role, often without the appropriate skills.

Good financial management is at the heart of a successful business. A lack of financial expertise around the board room table will at best significantly hamper a business’s growth and at worst lead to poor decisions and business failure.


A Finance Director provides financial information to the business leadership. They are responsible for the financial well being of the enterprise and give guidance and strategic support to improve business performance.

Specific tasks might include:

  • Management accounts review
  • Cash flow review
  • Integrity checks of data
  • Board meeting participation
  • Financial strategy input
  • Manage stakeholder relationships
  • Strategic planning and forecasting
  • Oversee financial compliance

Insight Associates are Chartered Certified Accountants with over 25 years’ commercial and practical experience in supporting all manner of business at all stages of growth. 

The benefits to businesses under our care include:

  • Accurate & relevant information
  • Robust accounting process
  • Confidence in financial results
  • Strategic business input
  • Planning & development focus
  • Decision support on key issues
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Access to funders
  • Advice & management of cost control
  • Access to professional advisers
  • Commercially experienced

If you've got a really strong business you may tick along OK for a while without a Finance Director. 

What frequently happens is the business doesn't reach its' full potential and when circumstances change the warning signs are missed. Profits stagnate and when the business owner is looking to sell the value of the business isn't as they hoped. 

  • Financial inexperience delays growth
  • Investors lack confidence in the figures
  • Missed bargaining opportunities
  • Inability to plan ahead properly

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This way beyond the relationship we've had with an accountant. It's added enormous value to our business.

Alan MacGregor
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We now have the kind of management accounts we were used to in corporate life and can make decisions quickly and with confidence.

Bill Howie
Variation Holdings

Now we can plan ahead

Insight Associates is a state of the art one-stop organisation that provides year-round continuous support for its clients.

John Hendy MCMI
Director, John S Hendy & Associates