Professionalise your financial management with The Outsourced Finance Department

When your business was young, it probably didn’t matter if your expenses were logged on Excel, if you weren’t sure how much money was coming in next month, or if the figures in your annual report felt ‘off’.

Somehow, your business still muddled through.

But now that you’re turning over much larger sums, it causes major problems. You can’t plan ahead. You’re not sure how profitable you are. And financial errors have major repercussions.

It’s no way to run a serious, grown-up business.

The Outsourced Finance Department professionalises your financial management so that it runs like clockwork – and helps your business thrive, instead of holding it back.


The Outsourced Finance Department gives your company everything you would expect from your bookkeeper, accountant and finance director in one convenient package, which is why it is our most popular solution.
We take responsibility for your numbers, handling your transactions, pulling together your accounts and filing your taxes.
But we also institute tried-and-tested financial processes and controls, so that your finances are well-managed at all times, no matter who’s handling them.
Lastly, we help you interpret your financial data so you understand your exact financial position and make the best financial decisions for your future.

Services include:

  • Monthly management accounts
  • Processing Transactions
  • High-level financial advice
  • Funding and business planning
  • Payroll and compliance
  • Instituting robust controls and financial systems
  • Statutory accounts and financial and tax compliance
  • VAT returns

Working with the Outsourced Finance Department transforms your company.

As CEO, you’ll feel more in control than ever before. Because you know exactly where your company stands financially, you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions about where to invest and where to cut. No more guesswork…..

With a good budget and regular cashflow reports, you’ll be able to plan ahead, perhaps for the first time ever. You will no longer be exposed financially – what a relief!

And without financial emergencies to deal with, you will be able to spend more time developing your business.

The result is faster, more strategic growth.

  • Develop your business strategically
  • Know exactly where your profit lies
  • Get a reliable cashflow
  • Trust the numbers you’re seeing
  • Make well-informed financial decisions
  • Feel in control of your finances
  • Process transactions promptly and accurately
  • Stop feeling exposed financially
  • Work to a budget that helps you achieve your goals

It’s tempting to believe that one in-house employee can manage all your financial matters.

But you have to choose between hiring someone with low-level skills or high-level skills, so some tasks inevitably get neglected.

When you outsource your financial management to Insight Associates, you get a team of people with all levels of qualifications. What’s more, we come with proven financial systems and processes and world-class technology to handle your accounts. No in-house employees comes with these.

Bottom line: When you outsource, you buy in people, skills, systems and technology you can’t afford in-house, giving you an advantage.

  • Get a team with a range of skills
  • Access world-class financial software
  • Get turnkey processes and systems
  • Enjoy fixed costs
  • Outsourcers don’t take holidays or get sick
  • Focus on what you do best, not on managing staff
  • Benefit from our experience in dozens of industries
  • Contract is easy to terminate (not that you’ll want to…)

For information on Insight Associates accounts, FD and financial management services call us on 01279 647447 or Email Us

What our clients have to say…

The result has been that we've taken large steps which we would never have been able to take otherwise. Our accountant would never have known about those options.

Alan MacGregor
Real Group

It has allowed me to scale the business with much more confidence.

Michael van de Weg
CEO, IMMJ Systems

The bottom line is that they have delivered a high degree of professionalism to our finances and work with our organisation in a seamless way.

Kirsten Giles
CEO, Medic Alert

We decided on an outsourced model because I came across Insight.

I did my research and found a few others who claimed to do the same thing, but they were really just accountants doing bookkeeping, and they didn’t get what I was looking for

Lesley Baliga
Interim FD, TEDI-London

We didn't want to scale every other area of the business but not our finances - it would strangle the business

Michael van de Weg
CEO, IMMJ Systems

Garry is also a businessmen in his own right so he can empathise with the complexities and stresses associated with managing a company.

Chris Price
General Manager, North Yorkshire Moors Railway

We set up our first business 20 years ago, which was a huge leap of faith for us at the time (and a huge risk given that my wife and I had just had twins) - and the only reason we felt brave enough to do it was because we knew we had Garry on our side.

Steve Richards
Managing Director, Dynamo Limited

Insight understood immediately that we wanted a finance department that would seamlessly integrate into our organisation. They needed to be able to answer all the day-to-day questions that might arise, and also give a wider service and support that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford in a small organisation

Lesley Baliga
Interim FD, TEDI-London

It really is lovely not to worry so much about whether things are correct or not

Tamsin Higgins
Founder, Lamp and Pencil

We became a lot more strategic, and I had a lot more confidence in the decisions we were making - and the numbers they were based on.

Alan MacGregor
Real Group

I could finally stop worrying about it.

Tony Gadsby
Chairman, Medic Alert

We didn’t want any financial bureaucracy – just efficiency.

Lesley Baliga
Interim FD, TEDI-London

It has freed up a lot of my time, enabling me to focus on other areas of the business, knowing that the financial area is totally taken care of.

Michael van de Weg
CEO, IMMJ Systems

Garry has the seemingly simple ability to turn the complexities of accountancy into a form of words that simple muggles can understand.

Chris Price
General Manager, North Yorkshire Moors Railway

The Insight team also does so much work behind the scenes I’m hardly aware of. They’re like swans gliding over the water elegantly, but underneath the surface they’re churning away

Lesley Baliga
Interim FD, TEDI-London

Our entire ethos is about challenging the norm and looking at better ways of doing things, from academic delivery through to back office support functions. We didn’t want any financial bureaucracy – just efficiency.”

Lesley Baliga
Interim FD, TEDI-London

They don't patronise you, they're really, really helpful and they make you feel at ease.

Caron Webster
North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Insight deliver what they say they will when they said they would.

Malcolm Dale

Our finances are run so smoothly it’s practically under my radar

Lesley Baliga
Interim FD, TEDI-London

We wanted solid financial foundations, so our finance department would be fit-for-purpose in the future

Lesley Baliga
Interim FD, TEDI-London

KSA Group strongly recommend obtaining support from Insight Associates to ensure the timely and accurate production of good quality financial reporting accounts.

Keith Steven
Director, KSA Group

Garry not only uses his accountancy skills, but also his experience to guide and mentor without being condescending or arrogant.

Chris Price
General Manager, North Yorkshire Moors Railway

For the first time, we really knew how we were performing, what was profitable and which of our products were selling.

We literally could not (and would not) run our business without his never ending help, advice and support

Steve Richards
Managing Director, Dynamo Limited

There are many people who are talented in their field, however Garry is a talented individual that is also able to teach which is a rare thing indeed.

Chris Price
General Manager, North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Insight Associates is a state of the art one-stop organisation that provides year-round continuous support for its clients.

John Hendy MCMI
Director, John S Hendy & Associates

Great service from you guys, frees up our time no end.

Max Smith
IMMJ Systems Ltd

Discovering what an accountant should do for the company was a complete eye opener and made my life calmer and easier

Dawn Hogger