A blast from the past - 17 years in the blink of an eye

10th March 2020

A blast from the past…

2003 - Shirley starts working at Insight Associates - yes it was before Facebook!

2004 - Facebook launched!  ‘Blog’ is the word of the year and the iPod dominates the music playing market

2005 - The Worlds first partial face transplant.

2006 - Pluto is downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet. Google purchase YouTube.

2007 - Northern Rock Bank Collapsed. Madeleine McCann disappeared. The Final Harry Potter book released.

2008 - Lehman Brothers collapses and RBS, Lloyds and HBOS are rescued with taxpayers money.  Barack Obama elected president.

2009 - The closure of Woolworths was completed across the UK.

2010 - Lady Gaga wore the meat dress. Apple released the first iPad. Angry birds was the favourite app.

2011 - Japanese Tsunami triggers nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daischi Nuclear Plant. Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Steve Jobs passes away after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

2012 - The London 2012 Olympics. Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. Encyclopaedia Britannia ceases print.

2013 - Baroness Thatcher dies. Brexit referendum proposed.

2014 - Scotland votes to remain part of the UK. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappears

2015 - Lewis Hamilton wins British Grand Prix. The Forth Bridge becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2016 - Britain votes to leave the EU and the 52/48 result splits the country. Donald Trump wins the US presidency.

2017 - UK car sales at a record high.The Red Cross  describes the current situation in England's NHS hospitals as a "humanitarian crisis"

2018 - A magnitude 4.4 earthquake hits South Wales. The effects are felt in Liverpool, Birmingham and Cornwall. The National Farmers Union elects Minette Batters, its first female president.

2019 - Theresa May resigns as Conservative Party Leader. Partial collapse of Toddbrook reservoir resulting in evacuations in parts of Derbyshire.

2020 - The UK’s EU withdrawal agreement is signed in Brussels and London. Storm Ciara batters the UK and we have the first confirmed cases COVID-19 Coronavirus in the UK.

How many did you remember?

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