Accountant horror stories

Like every profession, accountants have their share of client horror stories.

A quick Google search brings up the case of the accountants whose client – a butcher – used to send in receipts drenched in blood for filing…

The client who turned out to be part of a major drug ring…

And the client who expected his accountant to go through all his sales invoices to calculate his mileage. (Completely unreasonable.)

Here at Insight Associates, of course all our clients are delightful 🙂

On the rare occasions when we do have “difficult” clients, it’s not because they’re unpleasant or inconsiderate. Rather, it tends to be because they can’t let go of habits that are holding them and their business back…

…like trying to micromanage every aspect of their accounting, even when they have very little background in this area…

…or believing that the financial processes we set up for their business are for their staff, not them. (They’re for everyone – company owners have to lead by example.)

These cases tend to make me sad rather than angry, because you can’t help people who won’t help themselves.

Thinking through these stories, however, made me consider the other side of the coin.

Accountants aren’t perfect either…

What was the worst experience you’ve had with an accountant? Do you have a story that still makes you recoil in horror?

I’m planning an email on this topic, and would love to incorporate your best anecdotes. (Your own identity will be completely protected.)

Many thanks,


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