Hire great people - the out of the box way

20th July 2022

An acquaintance of mine was thrilled that he’d managed to find a fantastic graphic designer.

The employee turned up on the first day, was introduced to the rest of the team...

...And on Day Two, submitted her resignation. Another company had made her an offer she couldn’t refuse, and she left with immediate effect.

The current employment market reminds me of the most aggressive days of the housing market.

Great talent - like great property - is incredibly difficult to find. When you come across good people you have to secure their services immediately, lest they get snatched up by another employer.

And even once they’re committed, you can still get “gazumped”...

The stats confirm the problem. The unemployment rate for people over 16 was just 3.8% between February and April, which is the lowest in nearly 50 years. This means there is a very small pool of people to hire from.

Practically every employer I know is struggling to attract and retain good people - leaving important positions unfilled for too long, and holding back their growth.

If it’s affecting you, too, it’s time to start thinking outside the box about different ways to hire the right people.

Recently, for example, we’ve had several enquiries for our Outsourced Finance Department from companies that couldn’t find adequate in-house accountants.

They probably wouldn’t have considered outsourcing under other conditions. But once they looked into it, they realised that it wasn’t a compromise. Outsourcing actually gives them several advantages.

For example...

  1. You get the best people. If you’re wondering where all the good accountants are hiding, several of them are in our office... We’ve built up and trained an outstanding team of finance professionals over many years.

    When you work with us, you get immediate access to the kind of talent you’ve been looking for, but couldn’t hire in current marketing conditions.
  2. You don’t get one person, you get a whole team. When you hire in-house, you look for one person with very specific skills. Often, you have to make compromises, so you never get everything on your ‘wish list’.

    But we don’t give you access to just one person. The Outsourced Finance Department is a complete solution, where you get a team of bookkeepers and accountants with a range of skills working on your behalf.

    This includes finance directors whose experience and expertise is typically out of reach to most businesses turning over less than £10 million.

    Plus, we install proven, turnkey financial systems and processes in your business which most in-house accountants would take years to develop - if they even can.

    Instead of spending years developing your finance function, you can go from “just starting” or “in progress” to “built” and “world-class” in short order.
  3. You save the hassle and expense of employing people directly. When you bring a new accountant or bookkeeper onto your in-house team, there are so many costs involved...

    It can take months to train them and get them up to speed. You pay for their equipment. They take annual leave and sick leave at your expense.

    When you outsource to us, none of those costs apply because we train, manage and employ our own people.

    And you won’t have to worry about annual leave, either, because we’re a team. If one of our accountants is away, there’s always someone else who is both well-qualified and familiar with your business, to fill in.

Best of all? You can get all these advantages without sacrificing the intimate feel of an in-house team.

When you work with us, we become an integral part of your business. We speak to most of our clients several times a week. You’ll see us in person often. We get to know you and your business inside out.

We become your partners, working with you hand-in-hand to maximise your profit and help your grow much faster.

So if you’re struggling to bring good bookkeepers and accountants onto your team, perhaps it’s time consider outsourcing?

To find out more about how our Outsourced Finance Department works and whether it might suit your business, hit ‘reply’ to this email or call us today on 01279 647 447. We’ll get right back to you.



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