A radical idea

10th February 2021

The word on everyone’s mouth right now?


Whether you’ve sailed or struggled through the last few months, you are doubtless thinking about how to strengthen your company…

…So you can withstand any future shocks (some of which are already clearly coming, like mass unemployment).

No one wants to have to scramble to survive a second time…

Or to have that moment of panic when you realise that you are vulnerable to events that are completely outside your control.

But the problem is that while “resilience” is a nice buzzword, very few people know how to develop it for their company.

I did a quick Google search for “resilience business advice,” and here are some of the top suggestions I found:

>> “Be adaptable”

>> “Build up your personal resilience as a leader”

>> “Make your company more diverse”

>> “Show better leadership”

>> “Engage your staff”

>> “Break down silos in your company”

No one would argue against doing any of these things.

The problem is, not only are they slightly woolly ideas….

And not only do they have very little to do with the most important element of business resilience - money!...

…But they’re also going to take a long time to get right.

They involve taking something in your company and figuring out how to improve it yourself…

…Just like someone who wants to get fit might exercise a weak muscle.

Self-improvement takes a lot of time, effort and focus, and you’d be hard pressed to improve in several areas at once.

Who knows if by the time the next disaster strikes, you really will have improved your leadership team or management style enough to make a difference?

So here’s a radical idea.

The fastest and most efficient way to improve your business resilience isn’t always to improve your internal capabilities.

It’s to outsource important business functions…

Or as I prefer to think of it, to import the skills, people and systems you really need to make your business stronger.

Take your financial management - arguably the most important area you need to get right, in order to withstand another Coronavirus wave or rocky economy.

You could spend the next 2-3 years trying to build a better finance department (something you’ve probably never done before)…

Trying to understand who would be a good hire…

What technology and accounting platforms you should upgrade to - even though they all look equally mystifying…

Getting frustrated because your new accountant is still trying to work out the best way of presenting management accounts…

Wondering whether the cashflow reports you said would be a good idea 6 months ago are ever going to materialise…

And trying to suppress the constant worry that if the economy took another hit, your company still won’t be prepared.

Or, you could simply outsource your financial management to us.

On Day 1, you’d have a world-class finance department in your company…

With all the team members you need to make sure your numbers are accurate and timely, and to process all your financial transactions smoothly…

Complete with turnkey systems that make your finances run efficiently…

With industry-leading accounting platforms, which would be put to work for you straight away…

And access to the very best financial planning, advice and support in the business.

That’s our most important job…

To work tirelessly in partnership with you, to make sure every decision you make makes financial sense and sets you up for growth and success.

Your company would immediately become more resilient - not in 6 months’ time, not next year, but on the very day we started working together.

I wouldn’t suggest outsourcing your key areas of expertise. But when it comes to supporting functions like finance, outsourcing is the fastest way to get the kind of capabilities that would normally take you years to build up yourself.

Click here to learn more about how our Outsourced Finance Department can help you grow faster - and become immediately more resilient.

Then email or call us on 01279 647 447 to get in touch today.



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